Jacket and wide trousers: Weekday, blouse: Vero Moda, belt: Maison Martin Margiela for HM
Another good thing with a relaxing vacation is that I finally had time to sort loads of outfit pics from past month during our time in Orlando (yeap, came here after NYC for hubby's work). Here's one of those sets whilst travel pics still wait. At the airport starting trip back home now! :)



 coat: HM Trend, purse: Weekday, shoes: Converse, tunic&jeans: old
Greetings from New York City! We're on a long needed vacation and it's been lovely! This is only the second time I've visited the City! This time around Williamsburg in Brooklyn was the one to stole my heart though. Totally my cup of tea; seemed relaxed and alternative enough for my taste. :) Plus visiting Williamsburg was the warmest day, NYC didn't really bless us with warm weather, the day these pics were taken was definitely the chilliest.
NYC took its toll though, before the trip and on it. I've been sewing and knitting clothes for the trip most of the evenings for the past month, blogging has regrettably been left for a while. Too much to do both work and free-time together with all the clothes projects. I really needed to create something tangible, things I create with my hands are the best stress relief. Walking super long days around NYC helps getting free of stress too. :)
Here's a silk top I sew, better pics coming... The pic is taken in a great taco restaurant in Nolita.