Midsummer party is celebrated! Had so much fun! For being in a lakeside forest cottage (and a camp) for three days I feel sharing something less rural. Here's one of the dinner outfits about a week back from Kefalonia trip. Sorry for the overexposed pics, but these show the black outfit with my new bow-belt better. Got that belt (and a lilac bow I have in my ponytail that's not showing) from Monki sale just before our trip.
Dress&bow-belt: Monki


pin-up playsuit

Another playsuit that I packed to Greece. It's quite versatile, goes with or without a shirt. I don't know why, but I'd like to combine it with bright red. Maybe it's because when I bought this playsuit I was about to buy that HM Garden fire red rose jacket too and I thought it would go perfectly with this jeans playsuit.
from Country to 70's.
all clothes:HM


embroidered skirt

Here's one of the first days' dinner outfits. Daytime the temperature was so very hot in Kefalonia it was impossible to wear anything reasonable and not that I wanted to either, bikinis went well with the white sand and the sea. :)
 bustier: Topshop, tee&skirt: HM


Greetings from Greece!

Seems like I've been away for ages! :) We were 12 girls on a trip to Greece and our journey was a total success! Being among eleven of my dearest friends in a beautiful and sunny place was so relaxing and the best start for a holiday one could imagine! 
p.s. I'll be back soon with clothes related posts.


hearts gone wild

I packed this playsuit with me to our girls' trip to Greece. It's perfect for hothothot weather, light as feather and easy in all ways.
I had to try it with these tights too. I thought it would look funny to wear all hearts. Hmm, maybe a bit too much. :)
playsuit: Asos, tights:HM, bag: Vuokko & Marimekko, shoes: mom's from 70's & from Japan
p.s. A very sweaty hello from Kefalonia, it's really hot in here!


Kane gingham

It's funny how sometimes you get influenced simultaneously by totally different channels. I ran into one editorial photo featuring Christopher Kane ss10 dress in some blogs I can't recall. And just before that I had found this skirt from HM Divided that really reminded me of the same collection.
So here I am influenced by Christopher Kane gingham patterns. (Not happy with my shoe/sock choice though.)
black&white dress worn as shirt from trip to Japan

shirt made by my mom at the 90's
Here's some pics of the the origin of the influences.
photos: www.style.com/Marcio Madeira

p.s. I might not be blogging for a week as I'm off to Greece next morning, I heard there's no internet connection in our hotel. Well, it's quite odd, but refreshing too, to live without net for a while.


basic black with a little spices

I found this Cheap Monday dress from the last weekends Fashion Stock Sale in a ridiculous cheap price. It's just a basic dress, but with a bit of detailing on front made of rows of bra hooks. I guess you could attach them together in different ways than just this basic way in these pics.
And another horse figure by titiMadam, this time smaller and in yellow. I was like a kid in a candy store trying to select the colors and figures from their offerings.
And here's one of my Etsy findings I've blogged about before, the charcoal grey origami top is by LaBronz.


silver and stripes

I'm really into maxi dress' at the moment, so it seems. Maybe because they're so comfy and easy, maybe because the long model hides my bruises I get from the sports I do, or maybe I'm just easily influenced by new trends or maybe remakes of old models/shapes just feel fresh and fun again. :) 
Here's another new piece in an outfit I wore yesterday. And also some purchases I made from Fashion Stock Sales last weekend - the horse shaped pendant in mirrored acrylic by titiMadad and the jeans jacket by Cheap Monday were among some.
dress:HM, jacket: Cheap Monday, pendant: titiMadam


it's nearly here

Ah, finally, the last work related fuss is over for this summer/spring and I can start focusing on the upcoming vacation and trip to Greece (and blogging)! 
Here's some pics I found from a week back or so. I wanted to try out one version of the underwear as outerwear trend.
top: Topshop, t-shirt: HM, biker shorts: Gina tricot, shoes: from the 90's


the new minimal by Celine

Ever since I saw this photo of Celine ss10 outfit, I've been wanting to try out that shirt effect. The shape of the Celine skirt is very 90's - a mini A-model and very minimalistic. I wasn't thinking about creating this look in exactly the same colors necessarily , but...
... I found this skirt I've made in the 90's from the deep end of my wardrobe. The shirt is from a couple of years back. It's perfect by its thick fabric, but not completely by its shape.
 skirt: self made, shirt: Gina Tricot, shoes:Vagabond


world full of swallows

I found this pretty Miu Miu influenced top from Gina Tricot a while ago and wore it with this basic combination the other day. Gina Tricot is so fast in taking to the collections, they have some other items in swallow pattern too, cute little socks and panties. Needless to say I got those too.
trousers:Weekday, belt:Asos


Etsy findings

As I said earlier I've been doing some net shopping and I found the joys of Etsy. And more specifically this one Etsy shop called LaBronz by Laura Bronzini. By her own description she "creates garments that are architecture and modernism inspired, asymmetrical, unusual, and unexpected, so that your eye would keep on wondering without finding a repeated pattern in it". I can totally agree with her, I think her designs are very graphical yet girly. 
I ordered two items this  NightLight City Skyline Skirt and Origami Top in charcoal gray. I have nothing but praises, the seller was very friendly, the delivery was very quick and the best thing is of course the clothes - they fit perfectly!
Here's what I wore yesterday.
I wanted to try the skirt with something a bit more summery.
And go a little bit over the top too.



In a less than two weeks I'm heading for Greece with my dear friends! So excited and I'm already thinking what clothes I need to take with me. Here's a bit of summer/beachwear inspiration to stay cool by the pool. :)

I just adore that one-piece with paint splashes.
photos: first from left from Nastygal, all other items from Topshop


easy rider

This is what I'm actually planning on wearing tomorrow. Photos are taken before I shortened the hem of my new maxi dress. Last one is without shoes, you can see there was about 10cm too much...I saw a pic with loads of wide white bracelets and wanted to try out the effect myself.
dress: Asos, vest: vintage, sunglasses: Topshop, necklace: JC, watch: Esprit, bracelets: HM&COS

DIY vest

I took my new vest out yesterday to an exhibition we went. It's "own" design (I used my kitty vest as a model) made of bamboo yarn. Very quick to sew, but hard to put together. 
vest:DIY, t-shirt:HM, leggings:Selected, necklace:Lindex