finally finished...

...this! Designed and made by me. I was inspired by this fabric to show it off the best, so minimum cutting and sewing :) Only four seams to sew, but I can tell you, ironing of chiffon is haaaard (nerve-wracking is maybe better said)! I hope I get to show it in a outfit post soon.



There's a reason for lack of outfit posts... Been doing mainly this.  In upcoming posts I hope I manage to show other/more interesting things I've been doing. Wearing a couple of new nail polish, I bought both colors a few weeks ago.


head-to-toe black

With all the colors, patterns, textures - like colored lace, 70's and 40's vibes etc in the fw2012 collections, there were surprisingly many all black attires. I guess, black is rarely news and in some collections quite regular, but for me it was a bit surprising to find head-to-toe black looks in Chloe's...  Here's some of my favorites from a couple of collections to make the point. :) I really enjoy the different textures.
Alexander Wang
Andrew Gn
Ann Demeulemeester
 Dries Van Noten
Isabel Marant
 All photos from Style.com


black with sorbet

The black chiffon dress is new in. Bought from Monki in Amsterdam. In fact I bought three pieces of clothes from the recent trip, all black... Hmm, maybe I'm getting ready for fall.
I love how versatile the black chiffon dress seems to be, the shape - when buttoned up and with belt- reminds 40's everyday dress, without belt it could work as a sort of artsy cape and as here, worn on Saturday, unbuttoned it's more like a vest.


diana f+

My new toy! (well, and boyfriend's too...) By the end of summer there hopefully will be some interesting or funny photos to show... :) I'm really excited by the idea that I'll have no idea how the pics will turn out. Old school!

denim overall with some lace

When I saw a pic of Hannah MacGibbon at her last show for Chloé in Style.com with rolled up wide jeans legs, I was inspired to wear these wide legged jeans overalls about the same way. I haven't been wearing these overalls that much (they are a couple of years old already) because of the overlong legs. Even my highest heels don't compete with these ones...



Ok, now starts the parade of Amsterdam pics. But first the only one showing an outfit. :) I'm really bad at posing in public hence me explaining something in this only decent pic...


It was worth the wait

Back from Amsterdam! It was such fun, but even better being back at home. Especially with this kind of welcome package: I got my new satchel! 
I ordered this at the end of May and they would have delivered it last Friday, but as I was in Amsterdam, it got postponed 'till today. Quite long wait for a bag, I have to say... 
I fell for this model the minute I saw it as I like my purses simple. :) I had no clue The Cambridge Satchel Company's satchels were as popular as they are in the blogosphere, until after I ordered the bag I started browsing all of what was published of the satchels as I was worried had I ordered the right colored bag for me. It's always a bit hard to evaluate from a screen wether the tone of the color is good. Pics and screens reproduce colors quite differently, but that's the risk one has to take when ordering online! ;) Living such a dangerous life... :)

I guess this will overtake the place as my favorite large carry-all bag. I tend to use one bag at a time a lot and not really switching between bags. This one's seen a lot life lately. Now it'll get some much needed rest. The bag is by Tio Gruppen Swedish Designers.