Here's the blouse I was talking about before. Been sick for the whole week so I haven't really been capable of doing new posts. Sorry for the bad lighting, although I had fun browsing through the pics.
Blouse: Gina Tricot, jeans: Pieces, boots: Vagabond


new shoes for fall (and winter too)

So typical of me. I went to search for a new pair of basic black flats, like these, to replace my existing ones I've wore out. (I've really tried to cut down buying new shoes lately and be more reasonable.)
But. Instead I found these boots and the decision to buy these took like a half a second! Well, they're quite reasonable and flats too, aren't they. :)
Both shoes by Vagabond. Can't help it, Vagabond shoes are just in my taste and fit.


fire truck red

I'm pretty excited red is one of the key colors this season. I was really into red a couple of years back and now it feels new again. Especially together with all the muted colors we're having (and I've been mostly wearing), red brightens up the color palette. 

This is what wore the other day. I was inspired by one pic I saw at the Stockholm Street Style. It made me remember these red jeans I had in my wardrobe already just waiting for the new coming. :)
jeans&tank top under&bag:HM Divided,cardigan:HM Trend, white top:Monki, shoes:Weekday, leather bracelet:COS


taupe blouse

I fell for this Nastygal blouse when I saw it the first time. The price together with the delivery costs made me search for something similar but cheaper to modify myself. All you would need to do is shorten the front of the hemline. I found one from Gina Tricot, the item in this pic is almost the same, close but not quite. The one I got is closer to Nartygal's color. I'll show it in a outfit soon.
Nastygal Shape Shiftr Silk Tail Blouse - Taupe, $188

Gina Tricot Fanny shirt Pale mauve, €19.90


silky stars

I got this blouse as a gift this summer. It has little stars and it's made of silk, so lightweight and comfy. I've come up with a bunch of combinations, but seems like lately I've been drawn to marine-influenced outfits. :) I was about to give up these trousers, luckily I didn't. I like them again and as wide-legged ones are in fashion again...
blouse: CCDK, trousers:HM, shoes:Vagabond



This is what I wore the other day. I saw this beautiful pic in August Trendi magazine and since then wanted to wear shorts with over-knee socks.
shirt by my mom, shorts&belt: Gina Tricot, socks:HM, shoes:Vagabond, necklace: Etsy



Here's an outfit I wore last week. I found this floral tank top from Gina Tricot and I fell in love with the colors, the pattern and the colors have sort of vintage feeling to it. It seems to me flowers have suddenly taken over my wardrobe. Skirt is old, but the red brown is, thanks to Hannah MacGibbon among others, relevant this season again.



Here's yesterday's outfit. I've blogged about this Selected Femme sleeveless trenchcoat/ dress already in March. So happy I found it back then, it has a bit of Celine fw10 feeling to, doesn't it. 
Had to try the coatdress with these jeans and my new belt too.
belt:Gina Tricot, jeans: Muji
Here's a pic from the fantastic Celine fall-winter 2010 through www.style.com

p.s. Sorry for the short break from the blog, it's been due to various reasons, a bit of a summer flu has been troubling me once again.


tiny flowers

I thought I didn't have any flower prints earlier than this dress I blogged about, but then I did a bit of wandering in my wardrobe. This is an old floral print one from the 90's, I just shortened the hemline. The good thing is I got two from a one, I'll turn the leftovers of this use-to-be-maxi dress into a skirt. I know maxis are really in at the moment, but I felt like I won't be using this dress as a maxi, the upper part is too heavy for a maxi maybe. This is how I wore it yesterday.
 belt: selfmade, sunglasses: Monki, bag: Selected Femme


jeans jacket

Here's one of my summer purchases - a cropped jeans jacket by Cheap Monday. I'm still going on with the easy outfits, overalls are by far the easiest I'd say. Here's what I wore today.


back to basics

Surprising and very nice things happened over the weekend, but due to those I haven't been by the computer either. This is what I wore on Friday. It was a good morning, this combination was totally effortless and what's even nicer is that I was very pleased with it too. :)
leopard tank top under& leather shorts: HM, top over: Monki, shoes: Vagabond, fluorescent ring: selfmade



Outfit from the other day. As said, I've been wearing really simple outfits... :)
Now I'm off to a meeting, then to a bunch of happenings which takes place in something straightly translated The Night Of The Happenings! Funny.
vest& lace biker shorts: Gina Tricot, maxi cardigan: 90's Sisley


knit dress with terns

The extremely beautiful and hothothot summer has somehow drained all inspiration out of me when it comes to clothes or so it feels. Don't be mistaken, I love summer and warm weather, but I'm definitely more into autumn-winter clothes and seasons. They just look better and are more inspiring I think.
So the result is I've been wearing really easy and simple combinations, I'd even say boring. This knit dress is one of my favorites from a year or so ago and I still like it. Wore it today for the first time in ages.
knit dress & purse: Monki, leggings: HM, shoes: Weekday


more etsy findings

I blogged earlier at the late spring about how I found the joys of Etsy, so many inspiring handcrafted pieces to lure you. So back then I found this shop called spinthread which makes hand embroidered accessories out of threads. The designs remind me of South American tribal or ethnic artworks/designs and yet they are really modern and graphical. The names of the pieces, f.ex. la amazonia, emphasize the feeling too, of course.
So many great pieces it was really difficult to choose. I ended up choosing "the batman" necklace and finally it arrived when I was on vacation. The reason for a bit longer delivery time is because every piece is uniquely handcrafted by the designer! It was really worth the wait!
The necklace was wrapped in a nice package too. I really appreciate details like that.


back from hiatus

My short hiatus from blogging wasn't really intended, my summer holiday just took me different places and happenings of which couple of them were pretty remote - with no electricity or fresh/running water, not to mention computers!
But I've done my best to get some new material to show here. :) Here's one of those - a super girlie flower dress (first for me!) I found from Gina Tricot. Perfect for summer - so easy!
 dress: Gina Tricot, bag: HM, sunglasses: Topshop

Here's a close-up with my friend's cat.


furry skirt

Note to self: make a furry skirt for fall. Pics via style.com
Chanel/Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear
photo: Monica Feudi / GoRunway.com
MiuMiu/Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear
photos: Marcio Madeira / FirstView.com
Christian Dior/Fall 2010 Couture
photo: Monica Feudi / GoRunway.com
Giambattista Valli/Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear
photos: Marcio Madeira / FirstView.com

Michael Kors/Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear
photo: Marcio Madeira / FirstView.com