Here's what I wore last week. Haven't have proper time to do postings, midsummer festivities to attend and workworkworking looooong days. Now I'm taking a quick and needed break to this hobby. :)
Found this stetson from my mom's closet. Sometimes it pays a reward to do a bit of wandering in my mom's wardrobe too. She's like me, saves practically everything. :) The skirt is from a sale, as was the light pink skirt in one of the earlier posts. Got both of these in half the price, they were illegally cheap!

didn't want go to work without undershirt...


watercolored cape

Here's the cape sort of thing I mentioned in an earlier post. Designed and made by me. There wasn't too many seams to sew, but ironing chiffon was haaard. Took me like 2 hours for such an easy model! Unlike you might think from the headline, I didn't dye the fabric. I got it as it appears from a fabric store for 2 euros! :) I liked the watercolor effect of the pattern and the sort of granny feeling it has.


vice versa

Here's what I wore on Saturday to a dinner with bf. Haven't have time to post this as the whole weekend went working with one work related project. It's fun, but time consuming, surprise surprise. But I did manage to finish one sewing project, I'll show that on an outfit as soon as possible. :)
and one with regular face too... 


comfy as she goes

This must be the comfiest dress I have. It feels like wandering in my nightgown... Hmm, I hope I didn't look like that too. :) The colors are 'stolen' from last winter, dark blue and grey were was all over, but I guess one can wear them in summer too... Sorry, I'm really really tired and all I have in my mind is stupid thoughts.  
The scarf's probably the item I've wore the most this spring. It played the part of a jacket today as it was warmer for a change. 

coming... but slowly

If only I would have time to finish this project among other unfinished projects. Too many nice/interesting things going on, hence the lack of time for this hobby. Positive problem, I guess. :)


sailor tattoos with anchors and roses

After taking these pictures I realized this outfit has a 50's pin-up and 70's vibes to it. Don't know if you agree? Maybe the tights with "sailor tattoo" prints add to the pin-up feeling I have. :) 


back to the late 90's

Seems like a skirt or dress with trousers is back. At least if we believe Acne resort 2012 collection. Well, it does look fresh again, especially the way Acne's done it - stylish and simple with good materials (and not the way I remember it with stretchy tricot trousers and skirts...). Hmm, have to try this if I find a proper combo from the closet.
I like this first one the most.
Pics from Style.com, courtesy of Acne


Here's a bit of a retake combo from last summer, but this skirt was perfect for one occasion I attended last week and the top gives it even more relaxed feeling. Skirt's made and designed by me of Marimekko fabric.



Here's what I wore yesterday. I adore these tights but the bad thing is they broke after the second use... Shirt's designed and made by me.



I'm emptying my snapshot camera which my boyfriend is taking with him to a trip and found this pic he's taken of our lamp in the bedroom. So far I haven't got bored looking at it, it's been a couple of years now, so we'll see...



A heat wave took me (and the whole country, I guess) by surprise, so I "had" to make a summer version of one of my favorites that I've been wearing a couple times during winter and spring. Inspired by Marc by Marc Jacobs fw11. Maybe I'll wear and post that spring outfit next week when it's due to get colder.



Here's a couple of my projects I hope I get done quite soon. It's beautiful weather outside, that'll slow my sewing projects drastically... 

quirky color combination

Not a typical color combination for me... I'm a bit out of my comfort area here, but I've long wanted to try out combining green with beige. Last week I finally had time to shorten this old vest and so game up with this outfit. I think I should have worn something else than the t. Well, next time better. :)  p.s. Sorry for the awkward face...


new shoes...

... finally arrived! I should have a kimono with these, they remind me somehow of japanese traditional shoes (actually sandals). It's probably because of the sole. I'm so happy of these, especially the colors might differ quite a bit when ordering something online, but these turned out to be even better in real life. Yey!


back to the 90's

Skirt is made by me at the late 90's (!) if I recollect right. A little wandering in the attic paid a reward once again, I think. The denim shirt is from this spring. Together with a pair of shorts and one t-shirt, that's all the clothes I've bought this year! That doesn't include shoes, belts and purses though... But anyways, I've tried to cut back buying clothes and have instead tried to find time to alter old ones and make new designs of my own.
Hmm, I just remembered one woolen sweater and a couple of scarfs I bought in the late winter... But that's all. I think. :)