My dear dear friend got married yesterday!!! I couldn't be happier for them!! They're such a lovely couple! It was a beautiful ceremony, we had lovely and fun time celebrating them in a dinner. And I'm so honored to have been a part of their special day! Here's some shots from the location and my dress. For privacy reasons pics only of me and not of the b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l bride, sadly, as she was stunning!
The dinner took place at a museum which is an old factory. The rapid runs just next to, its quite a wow factor. The large space was decorated with big balloons in order to make the space a bit more intimate. They turned out well and the bride was happy too. I was a bit nervous as it was originally my idea. It was a great idea that she decided to add the colored light pointing at the balloons in the evening. The effect was really nice.
It was a super happy ending to otherwise dull week, I worked almost around the clock one day and the others weren't short either (deadline was approaching). Unfortunately blogging kinda dropped from my list to do.
Hope you had fun weekend!



top and trousers both Weekday, shoes: Bianco, purse: Monki
It's definitely fair we had fair weather today and I could wear fair clothes finally without worrying them to get all smudgy. :) Beautiful sunshine makes one so happy!
I've been wearing these super slouchy (comfy) clothes and I keep telling myself it's the "sports" inspired trend that's affected me. Yeah, right. If there's a load of work to be done, some area of your life needs to be comfy - fair, don't you think?! :D



blazer: Selected Femme, blouse: Monki, jeans: HM, necklace Marni for HM, boots: Bianco
Wearing one of my favorite Marni for HM necklaces. :) I've worn this outfit in couple of occasions, it sure has turned out to be one of those rescue outfits in a morning hurry. Also I noticed I've been wearing more pants&jeans than I "normally" do (not that I keep record of how many times and what, haha). It must be some sort of phase, again. Do you get those? :)



Here's a little sneak peek of one of my DIYs. Introducing one of the best stress-reliefs I know: knitting. :) This thing-y on its way has been my relief amongst all the work (and stressing of unfinished work) I've been doing lately. Plus the color of the yarn makes me happy, so it gives me kind of double joy.



So wonderful, we've had real springtime weather with sun and rain, totally in contrast to the previous week with surprise winter we had! Surprise surprise, the warmer weather has drawn me into spring clothes and colors too! :)
Wearing my relatively new white (not-so-)basic shirt and a wrap-skirt I've designed&made ages ago. Happy weather needs happier colors too!
Hope you had lovely weekend! I was in co-charge of my dear friends bachelorette party... So looking forward to the wedding! This is a year of love! :)



This is my morning survival package: home made smoothie. It's essential part of our daily routine, my man fixes us café lattes and I do this, here pictured before blender. Wanted to share this as I like how the mix looks on the can and as this smoothie makes my day every morning! Highly recommended! :)

For two portions you need:
2 bananas
1 (green) apple
1 small cup of strawberries (or mixed with blueberries)
about a half small cup of apple juice (1/2 deciliter)
about a half small cup of natural yoghurt (1/2 deciliter)
Fair portion of nuts& seeds in you liking, we use:
about 1 tablespoon (or a bit less) of pumpkin seeds
about 1 tablespoon (or a bit less) of cocoa bean nibs
about three hazelnuts
about three brazil nuts



shirt: HM Trend, trousers: Weekday Collection, bag: Vuokko, boots: Office
Seeing dots! :) I'm so happy with both of these new items (and the last ones I'll buy this spring too... Feeling guilty of all the shopping I've done, next some DIY's), they make perfect 40's inspired outfit together, I think. I already tried the shirt with several different bottoms, my feeling is, there'll be loads of posts with it. And the trousers, well, more like culottes, are of super-comfy material so they're somewhat perfect!! :)
Hope you had a good Eastern! I sure had, like a mini holiday with loads of sun! :)
p.s. funny how didn't notice the lowest pic was tilted until fixing these. :)



Someone stole the spring. Can you believe it, we had a terrible snow blizzard few days back! Spring was all on and then, what, half a meter snow all of the sudden!!! Crazy! Now all the streets are quite awful as during day it's warm and snow melts and it gets below zero celsius at nights, quite a battlefield...
Here's some proof!  :) Pics from a walk to the lakeside near the town. This would have been a bit more enjoyable like two months ago...

So for me (not probably for you who live in countries with reasonable temperatures) it's somewhat appropriate to post this winter-y outfit from a month back. Wearing my go-to-pants and so I did once again the day after the snow blizzard.