one redheaded lady

Went to this lovely lady's concert. It was the start of her new tour and as she said herself the concert/tour was something she hadn't done before - it was almost like a classical concert, four bowed string instruments (and of course their players), two pianos and one woman! One third of the time she played both of the pianos at the same time! I can highly recommend and I hope I didn't spoil you anything, if you're a fan& interested. The only side effect of the concert (besides the amazing experience) is that I catch another flu, partly due to lack of sleep.
But yeah, style-wise I find her public image amazing, like the clothes she wears on her albums/photoshoots! And the pink silk gown she wore in yesterday's performance captured the colored lights beautifully changing the appearance of the dress. But of course the main thing is that she's amazing performer and artist! Still, look at those clothes and how she wears them, such graze!
(I could take any of these, fave is the leather pants&white silk dress)
Photos of her website


burgundy (and other fall colors)

Hope someone else had a bit more relaxing weekend than I did. Been doing interesting and somewhat nice things, but the side-effect has been the lack of time for other nice things, like blogging. :) I'm a part of a workroom where we sometimes do these artsy things of which we don't get any actual benefit. I manage to go to this once in a half year design market too, but more about that later.
I've been trying to transit my summer clothes into fall, here's what I wore last week. The burgundy knit is new in, I purchased it at summer and now it really gets wear-time.
knit:JC, skirt: Gina Tricot, scarf is actually a cape, socks:HM, shoes:Vagabond, satchel: The Cambridge Satchel Company


same outfit, different accessories

I wore almost exactly the same outfit twice in a week or so. I was in a huge hurry one morning so I chose the same outfit I had wore to a sunday lunch with a friend. Only accessories where different and even though the 'base' and the style is the same, I think these are surprisingly different looks.
Thank you again for the lovely comments, they make me so happy!!!


vintage leather skirt

I found this leather skirt a couple of weeks back from Weekday's vintage collection. Just the kind of leather skirt I've been searching. And with leather it makes me happier it's used one. Yeah and the polo shirt was a found too, from a factory sale we went to with a couple friends. And third thing is I finally get to show an outfit with my diy necklace collar. Couldn't decide on that day wether to wear the collar to work or not. What do you think?
Something in this outfit reminds me of those elf costumes. Maybe it's the colors, green (with leaves), black and grey, topped with a collar. :)


florals for fall

Finally this skirt is ready! My original plan was to do a really simple summer skirt. Well, there wasn't enough fabric for what I had imagined (this piece of fabric was again one of those ready-cut chiffon pieces, left-overs and so). So I had to do it the hard way aka proper waistband etc. I have still one more chiffon piece, and as I'm *a bit* frustrated with the chiffon as a material at the moment (it so slippery to sew easily), I bet it'll have wait for a while.

So now that summer's over (at least over here) and as I wanted to wear the skirt, I had to wear it somehow more suitable for fall (and rain we had that day). The color combination (blue and green together with pink, quite not what I usually would wear) derived from the colors of the flowers in the fabric.
(Using loads of parenthesis, I noticed) Been so busy and/or exhausted that I haven't have time to post for a couple of days and now it takes longer than usually to choose what pics to use. A positive problem as this session went better than usually.



These fire brick trousers are new in. I associate this color to all the 90's 'earthy' colors - amber, mustard, all sort of red browns etc - that are now once again in fashion. If I recollect right, this is the first time since the 90's these types of colors are back, especially red-brick red. (Might be totally wrong though.) Really like the tone and feels like it goes well with all sorts of colors. 
The necklace is old, should have worn it more often and I noticed it needs its own post... But that's another story.


one.silly.skirt - a.test.piece

Don't really know what to think about this skirt... I made it late this summer, but didn't really wear it until a week or two ago. I really like the colors, but they aren't really 'me'. I might change it into a cape/shirt thing then it might be easier to wear (as a skirt it's a bit too fairy/odd, isn't it). But anyway, I'm glad I made this test piece - it's always fun to try out new things and not play it safe.



An addition to previous post. Wanted to show the belt I'm wearing. It's a beaded belt my uncle brought to my mom some 30 years ago. He lives in Canada, hence the text in it. In overall this is not really *my style* (I'd prefer it with just the ornament beading you can see in the left side), but things like this make me smile and are sometimes perfect addition to an outfit.


this is how it goes

I threw this outfit together in five (or less) minutes and later on when taking these pics I realised where all the sub-consious inspiration had derived from... This cape is new in and I did realised where it was copied from when I purchased it, but it wasn't only the cape in this outfit...
 ...but also what was 'under' that was pretty much Chloé fw11 inspired, so it seems. (note: not that I'm sure wether these two should have been combined though.)


Hermès fw1

Hermès's fw11 collection is one of my top favorites this season. I haven't really followed Hermès before, but their new head designer Christophe Lemaire's talent made a huge impression on me. I've been thinking what is it that strikes me in this collection, but maybe it is the type of woman the collection presents - a mystic hunter amazon, a globetrotter with a hint of art school cool. In my day dreams (or as a cartoon character) I'd like to be that kind of woman (but in reality I'm far from that)! :) Or maybe I'm just cap&scarf kinda gal, ha!

Well, seriously, I could take any of the garments - the cuts, colors, details, all are perfect. I tried to choose one (or two or three) of my absolute favorites but as you can see below, I couldn't... To understand (or analyse) which were the elements I like the most, I added some words. 



Here's what I wore on Monday. I wore almost the same outfit to a professional seminar back in the end of spring, the only exception being a belt. (I like how belts have different effects on shirt dresses, especially loose ones like this.) In my profession people get to adjust themselves into certain kind of 'uniform' and I very much like to break from it. :)


Back from my weekend trip! Wanted to post something different, but as I really need to get some sleep and wanna post something (period), I'll just show my favorite denim jacket of the summer. These pics are, again, a few weeks old and of a very casual outing, but anyways: my favorite denim jacket. I like that it's so short, the sleeves could be a bit narrower though. By Cheap Monday.


all sorts of greens

All sorts of green with a hint of gold was the theme the day before. The shoes were on their first trip. Bought them from Amsterdam, I've saved them for fall! Don't know how I did that though. I think I got some (60's) mod touch to the outfit, especially with the jacket. Good change from the usual attires. The shirt is btw diy, it's second-hand (you know one of those 90's button-ups) of which I took the sleeves of.


casual hearts

Had forgotten we had snapped these pics, these must be at least a couple of weeks old. The heart romper's from last summer. I guess this was one of those colder summer days and my thoughts have been in fall colors. Now it's raining like the weather wants to highlight the fact it's officially fall. But that's good, now I can focus on all the lovely fall colors and apparels. :)

new in — golden jeans

Sometimes it pays a reward to live in a town people don't seem to be that fashion-forward - I bought these jeans from HM for 7 euros, even though they had come to the sale just a month earlier. The shop assistant pointed that out to me, which was kind of cute. I'm really excited about the painted surface, it slightly reminds me of the Stella McCartney sweater. The color of the jeans is actually a bit yellower, I couldn't capture it to the pic.