shirt: Monki, skirt:DIY
Wearing my new Marni for HM necklace pile! These pics are from a couple of weeks back and now looking at these I'm not sure the loose shirt is right answer with the skirt... I remember I wanted to give the outfit a bit more relaxed touch with a loose t-shirt, but still. Maybe better next time then. :)
ps.s I seem to be afraid my skirt will fly away, such a tight grip. :)



Burberry Prorsum
Topshop Unique
No 21
McQ (to the left), Nicola Farhi (to the right)
(all pics from www.style.com)
You might have noticed I'm into colors, so it's very natural for me to spot color-themes from the catwalks. One of which in my opinion was olive green popping up here and there. A few years back (2010?) army-green was hot, is it time for it to return? Or is this something you would call army-green? Most of the clothes don't give out army feeling though.
Which are your faves? The Acne dress does it for me, so does Topshop Unique-the whole collection... Come to think of it, I'd take any of these. :)



jeans:HM, sweater:HM Trend, blouse:Weekday, boots, Vagabond
Introducing my new (and favorite) skinny jeans! :) Found from HM. Been wearing a lot of these and I can say the shape stays and all the other praises one can have for somewhat perfect skinny jeans. Yeah and the blouse is in a post for the first time too! Found it from Weekday. And (!) new nail-polish too! Now some very much needed sleep!



It was a baad baaaad hairday these pics were taken. Probably one of the reasons I haven't posted these, umm, this (= the only one my awful braid isn't the centre of attention). 
I'm off to have a weekend with girls! Hope you have a fun one!



Outfit I wore to the Marni hunt of mine, minus the scarf of course, which is of the collection.

I guess everyone has their perfect shopping outfit, but here's my (not so serious) tips for most functional outfit for those serious shopping sprees, like mine to HM for Marni hunt. :) Outfit worked perfectly, maybe my sweater was a bit too hot.

Here goes:
1. Use a buttoned shirt so you don't have to pull shirt over your head constantly, which doesn't really improve you hairdo.
2. If you have a shirt with snap fasteners, even better. They're quick to open and close. (the bottom should of course be easy to fasten too)
3. And of hair issues, fasten you hair somehow too. Reasons are same as in #1 (greasy, electric hair, not the best of looks).
4. Wear something with (black) tights (if it's a colder climate, that is). So much better to evaluate whether a skirt or a dress is good. The only problem that this causes is dealing with skinny jeans... quite frustrating to try skinny jeans over tights...
4b. if you're hard-core/know what kind of color/tone you're looking for: wear tights that go (or clash in a good way) with that color-world you have in mind.
5. Most obvious: wear comfy shoes. If you are to wander the shops you'll be on your feet all the time.



Here's my catch from last Thursday. Surprised myself by buying only accessories. I got everything I was after for (and more). I tried many of the clothes on, but decided these accessories might get more wear than the clothes I was into. And I have worn one item each day since! So outfit posts are on their way. :) Did you get/find something from the collection?


fluffy sweater and necklace by HM, leather pants Vila
Workworkwork and then some seeing friends. All life's been. Almost. Some Marni for HM too. But about those later. :) Here's another outfit from a couple of weeks ago with my new leather pants! I've been searching for perfect pair of leather pants for how many years I don't know and now I have ones. 
And now some much needed sleep. Hope the weather's been on everyone's favor as it's been here! Lovely sunshine has embraced us!



skirt:COS, socks, necklace: HM, turtleneck:old, jumper:Monki, shoes:Vagabond
These pics are over a month old! I'm channelling quite a librarian outfit. Seems typical for me to forget to post something... :) But me being also very indecisive these come in time as I have hairdressers appointment tomorrow and here's the catch: bangs. To cut or not to cut? That's the question.
p.s. last pic is only because of the mint nail-polish. :)



It's been wonderful weather over here! Outfit from last week with my DIY pompom.



I got engaged!!! :) My boyfriend proposed on leap day as a total surprise! The rest of the week has gone "dealing" with the happyhappy occasion! Been working quite intently too (good period going on), therefore no blogging for a week...
We're going to get the rings done by a gold smith, so no ring to show so far. But instead I can show the funny pompom  hairband I did. :) And, no, despite the 'double-me', I'm not engaged to myself! haha! :) The now-fiancée isn't too keen on being on the blog. :)