Hope everyone had a fun weekend!
I've been running around the whole week, and there's also been some other minor obstacles on taking pics, hence the lack of posts. Here's a halloween inspired/appropriate outfit worn this weekend. :)
lace jacket: Selected Femme, tank top: Cheap Monday, jeans: HM, shoes: Vagabond


three times

It's funny how sometimes you really like some garment and when buying it you can totally picture yourself in it, but you end up not wearing it as it seems somehow just not right every time when choosing what to wear. Well, here we have three of those kinds of items. My intention wasn't combining difficult items together, I just realized later when going through these pics.
The sheer dress is from Monki, bought it in the summer and this was probably the first time I'm wearing it. Fake leather skirt has got a bit more wear-time, I like the shape and all, but it always seems to be too short for work... And the purple wrap shirt is made (and designed) by me and I have no clue why I just don't wear it. :)


super simple leopard

I wore this attire to one unofficial meeting at work. Super simple outfit, the overall take borrowed from mens fashion I guess. Being in touch with engineers even a hint of leopard might sometimes seem radical. :) The vast majority of male engineers seem to dress only functionally and conventionally. But this wasn't a statement against engineers, on a contrary. I'm just making notes, that's all. And I know a lot of well dressing engineers too. :)


berry tones

Here's what I wore under the cape trench&hat outfit posted earlier. A bit of a quick repetition with the new hat, but I like it so much. :) I really like burgundy and navy together, a hint of other tones lightens up the combination a bit.


mustard for chilly

I was celebrating my friend's bachelorette party yesterday and it was so much fun! Most important thing was the bride-to-be seemed to enjoy and like all the arrangements!
It's been quite chilly over here and here's what I wore on one of those colder days last week... with my new shoes of course! Like them so much!!!
This is the only pic showing even remotely the right tone of the jeans, which are dark turquoise.
cardigan: Selected Femme, jeans are old HM, top: Nümph, shoes: Office



...from London. I had 15+10min free time at London and this is the result. Office is the store.


cape topped with a cherry red hat

Bought this cape trench a year or so ago and haven't really used it. But now I'm really into it and especially together with my new felt hat from HM. I decided to wear more hats this fall. The day I wore this first time, people at the streets were giving me glances... Kinda funny and shows how even a tiny thing can make a difference! ;) (well, it also might tell about how people wear at my home town. :D ).


something from a design market...

... yeah, I went a bit crazy at the design market that was held a couple of weeks back... And bought a couple of things I necessarily didn't *need*. But hey, all of these are designed and made by young Finnish designers, so it was basically a good deed to invest to all of these. :)
KaksiTvå necklace



We had an opening ceremony for the interior elements we did for our work room... And here's what I wore. :) Wearing my new headband thing I bought from the design market a week ago. I want to share pics f the rest of the jewelry I bought. Let's see if I have time to do a post of those, before I leave for London... And speaking of which I'm in a huge hurry, unfinished packing and all! Bye!
dress: Monki, headband: Poola Kataryna, tights: HM, shoes: Vagabond, socks:Nanso



I'm overwhelmed by joy for my relatives (from boyfriend's side :) ), they got a healthy baby girl and I would very much like to see her as soon as possible!
I'm going to London for work related trip the day after tomorrow, I'm so excited! But, it'll postpone seeing the newcomer... Haven't seen newborn baby in a while as most of my friends&relatives who have babies live in other cities. They're so tiny!
I need to get something for the baby from the trip, that is, if I have any time to do shopping from work.
And talking of which, another work outfit. The fabric of these pants is so soft, but it also crumples easily. The top is an old one I bought from NewYork, made of silk&metal (gold) fibre (not that the pics captured the gold that well). Wanted to test whether I'll start using it again, so this was a bit of a test drive. (btw, my facial express is in such a bad contrast to the joyous feelings, kinda funny.)



Outfit from last week. Still sick, but luckily this weekend we're at my parents', so we're both well taken care of. :) And I got three "new" skirts I found from mom's closet. Most of the fashion doesn't recycle fashion as exact pieces copied from certain era, but then again there are pieces like that. And so some second-hand and vintage pieces end up looking like they're new. Not that I mean vintage (or maybe what I mean is second-hand) should look like new or so, but couple of these skirts I found, look quite like just bought, I think.
shirt:Monki, shorts&tights:HM, cardigan:JC, brown&purse as belt:vintage, shoes:Vagabond