pants close to a maxi skirt

Here's an outfit from the last week. I finally finished these pants, again own doings&design. Those became my favorites right away, one week and I've already worn them three times! :) I''m pretty pleased how this outfit turned out too. When trying to figure outor the first time what to wear with the pants, I realized loose t-shirts and any other relaxed top would look like wandering around in my pajamas...


and the actual dress

My intention was to post this earlier but too many hobby things has been taking my time in last couple of days. :) Some of those later...
Here's some pics from the reception. I have divided opinions of my hairdo, it goes well with the dress, but it looks like I did it myself... And yes, I did went to a hairdresser. A bit awkward faces again, I'm such a lousy poser in public. People were passing by the restaurant and the security guy was standing just next to me...
And one pic to show a tiny bit of the decoration. My friend's still on their honeymoon, so without permission I don't like to show any other pics. The decoration suited the place so well, so beautiful.


The many many stages of making an evening dress

Here's my mom's sketch from last spring
In order to get the open back done, we needed to do another dress under the silk chiffon one.
Here I'm trying out the silk chiffon fabric and ribbons for the dress.
For the dress under we used white "denim" silk that we dyed to suit the top lavender chiffon
Dry fabric turned out to a bit pinkish
Before cutting the silk chiffons, we did a test piece out of old fabric 
(which I later took to make a blouse out of it)
The cutting of the silk chiffons
 The first lavender layer of the upper part of the final dress

The pieces of under dress ready to be marked with the marking paper
then the yellow marks are emphasized with thread
 and only after that sewn together with thread
soon to be ready for the first fitting!
after the first fitting
the "under" dress sewn together and ironed
testing the model
 putting the pieces together
And the almost ready dress!!!


from white to burgundy

The wedding was wonderful and the bride so beautiful! I'll show my dress in close days. I'm really pleased how it turned out! It's been such recovering from the wedding though. :)

Here's another self-made &-designed shirt. The fabric's from the same place as the earlier similar one. And the size of the piece and its condition pretty much ruled how it turned out. My hairdresser was sweet to give me compliments for my shirt, but I'm always so amazed how well she dyes. I'm so happy with my new hair color!
jeans: Gina Tricot, shoes: Office


third time's the charm

I've still got some outfit pics from this week's wearings. Here's a couple of days back with my old hairdo. Eager to show the ones with new hair dye, but those need to wait for a short while. I'm getting ready for my friend's upcoming nuptials tomorrow. The dress still needs some fixing...
I'm lucky to have mom who does atelier-level clothes as her hobby — just for fun! I've taken photos along the road, I hope I'll manage to do an interesting post about the different stages of the making of the dress. We'll see. I have an appointment at the hairdresser's at 10.30am, so tomorrow's gonna be hectic. Now some sleep!


diy collar jewerly

I found from my mom's sewing treasures a couple of these embellishment accessories meant to be sewn around sleeves or collars.
I turned one of them into a collar jewelry.
Loads of outfits bubbling in my mind to wear this with.

diy jewelry

this pile of all sorts of thin ropes and other stuff...
...turned into these:
a necklace which could also be a belt and two bracelets, third one's still coming.


colors galore

Went for a total candy colors combination a couple of days back. I chose to wear the orange shoes, but maybe I should have worn the dark purple ones instead. Hmm... I think I'm ready for fall colors, or better said color combinations, now.


from green to red

Just a quick post of the shirt I made a short while ago. Finally have a proper outfit post of it. Although adding black jeans doesn't really require that much effort. :D I'm really happy of all the lovely comments and will take time to get back to those, but now it's time to go to bed.