wannabe ballet dancer

Summer's barely started and I'm already thinking about fall, fall collections that is. Miu Miu's fw10 collection was so astonishing in its minimalistic girlishness that it's been haunting me ever since.  Here's some inspiration pictures.
I have to say HM managed to surprise me once again, I had to get this, in my opinion, very miumiu-ish skirt the minute I saw it. The thick material is suitable for fall, but here's my summer adaption I wore last week (except for the first pic, with the fabric flower necklace worn as as headpiece).  
And sorry, all our light tests didn't work out.
 skirt:HM, jersey:Indiska, tights with owls: Zukale&Huoviala, flowers:Selected Femme, rings made from old buttons:from a design market


modern peasant

Outfit from a couple of days ago. I saw last winter a pic with similar black skirt as mine, but with a white sort of peasant skirt under. Since then I've been thinking of doing one, but I found this, which just does the job.
 black skirt: DIY, white skirt: HM, belt: Monki, t-shirt: Nümph, tights: Lindex


Vacation wardrobe additions

Ok, I have to admit, I dived deep into the waters of internet shopping (and other "regular" shopping too) after I didn't find much from my recent trip(s). I've got a Christmas going on, so it feels. :) 
Not that I bought that many items, but when you buy from a couple of places, mail box starts to be in a pretty good use. And these are just some preparations to the upcoming girls' trip to Greece. Right?
Here's my purchases from Asos.
maxi dress with one of the most comfortable fabrics
playsuit with hearts
finally got myself a perfect boyfriend belt


DIY accessories

Here's some pieces I did couple of weeks ago after I had found this oven bake modelling clay called Cernit. It's so much fun! I just haven't have time to try doing something new. Pink-grey-black ones are going to be rings as soon as I get more of those ring bases or how do you call them. 
All the long ones will be brooches. These have phosphorescent clay in them.
This pic is maybe better to show that.

short shorts

Outfit from yesterday. I was about to wear that boyfriend blazer, but luckily changed it to the parka at the last minute, because it started raining later in the afternoon.
silk shirt:mom's from the 80's, shorts&blazer&parka:Gina Tricot, shoes:from a trip to Japan&DinSko, purse:HM, necklace: from a design market



There was something with that "biker shorts"-outfit that reminded me of Balenciaga ss10, albeit there's no turquoise nor biker shorts in that collection. Maybe it's just the sort of sporty feeling. But I had to browse through that collection, here's some of my favorites. 

Here's how I got inspired. Pictures are awful, sorry.
vest: Zara, t-shirt: Eve, leggings: Gina Tricot, shoes: Vagabond, leather gloves: Global Accessories

biker shorts

As the weather changed I needed a change too. Here's an outfit I came up with last summer as the biker shorts hit the stores. Maybe it's still relevant as shorts and sporty style are both still in. Have to say I'm happy that the week long work related fuss is over.

shirt: Selected Femme, biker shorts: Gina Tricot


kate moss for topshop

I just found this amazing and delightful cape from Kate Moss for Topshop. I don't know about the other pieces of the collection, but if only I would be a bit less rational (and anti-fur/feathers), I'd get it right away. :)

safari animals

While the hothothot weather still cherishes us for one more day, it's proper to show the dress which has been my favorite summer dress for a couple of years. It's so easy, like a summer day. It has all sorts of safari animals in it, like a mongoose, a lion, a zebra and an antelope.  So I have a whole gang with me. 
I wore it simple the other day shown in the second picture. As I'm not good in mixing patterns (like Dries Van Noten ss10), I wanted to try out how tribal I might get it with some accessories I just grabbed from my accessories stand. Not sure that the outcome is really me, but it was fun anyways.
some of the necklaces: black macadamia nuts necklace from Hawaii, black&white by Aarikka, grey chain one by Lindex; sandals: Ten Points, dress: HM
shoes: So What (how stupid can a product name be?)


Somewhere from Ancient Greece?

It's been so hot in recent days that all I've been wearing is loose dresses. This outfit turned out quite antique, didn't? The dress is the only clothes I bought from trip to Paris. Together with that belt and those gladiator sandals I'm quite ready for some Ancient times.
dress: Suzuki Takayuki for Uniqlo, belt:HM, sandals: Vagabond


and back to business

This is what I wore to work yesterday. Weather's sooo hot! It's so nice after the long long winter.

jumpsuit:HM, belt:Monki, shoes:Office

leopard loving

We were surprised by the hot weather in St.Petersburg. And were too exhausted of the wandering around to take decent pictures of clothes. I'd have very much liked to have a photo of what I wore to the opera we went. Maybe I have to reconstruct it. :)

Greetings from Saint Petersburg!

Back from Russia! Trip was very successful, big thanks to my traveling companions! Only thing missing from my journey was time for shopping... 


St. Petersburg!

We're heading for St.Petersburg tomorrow morning. I'm so excited! I've visited the city just once for a day and it was raining watery snow. Not the best first impression.

This picture was suppose to have this old Russian sailor hat, but I couldn't find it in a hurry.
Ever since I saw some of the fw2010 pictures, I've been lusting over wide legged trousers. It turned out, all I needed to do is a quick spin around my wardrobe. I found these jeans from a couple of years back, when they last time tried to sell us the idea of giving room for some other trousers than skinny jeans. It quite didn't work that well back then, skinny jeans were here to stay, but now the change has already happened.

coffee with leather overalls

This is my third post of my leather overalls. But this one's for my friend who was curious to know about my little mishap on Monday. Turned out leather overalls have unexpected qualities, that come in handy, for example if your coffee mug quite doesn't reach your mouth and you end up having coffee externally instead of internally. All you need to do is just wipe the leather. Like adult's version of children outdoor overalls.

About the outfit, leather overalls are also a bit hard for styling in different ways. With this vintage vest and sleeveless shirt I think I managed to have it at least a bit different, but I'm not sure my paler than pale arms are ready to face the outer world just yet.

This is what I wore actually. Had to try it with kind of Marie Antoinette socks and shoes combination too.
shirt: Nümph, overalls:HM Trend


mother's day

This is a slight variation to what I wore to mother's day lunch today at my boyfriend's mother's. Just less muddy shoes. I purchased this shirt-dress a couple of years ago and I think it's now living it's new coming - coat-dresses and army colors being in fashion again.
The difference little details do? 
I found these 70's vintage shoes from my mom's wardrobe this weekend. They have a tiny bit of miu-miu-ish feeling and I had to try them in an outfit.
dress: Mng limited edition New York, purse: Gina Tricot, bracelet: COS, both belts and socks:HM

from another world

We attended a big birthday party yesterday. It was held in a yacht club by the sea, weather was gray and rainy, so together with the (early) spring and only few boats around - the atmosphere outside was somewhat melancholic - but inside it was joyful celebration. As a contrast to weather I decided to wear my yellow sunflower dress - the mood of the dress fit the party well. 
I really love this dress, there aren't that many occasions it is suitable for, so I don't get to wear it that much. My mom's made it from a vintage fabric. The purse is vintage also. I only hope I'd had some nice vintage shoes to go with it, these ones aren't quite right for the dress.
Here you can see the the cut of the upper part and the purse better. The front is loose and has another piece inside.


feline fever

Outfit from yesterday with a little DIY project I've made. I bought a blazer from HM sale for about 5 euros (!), but it quite wasn't "me". So I turned it into a bolero by taking the upper part of the collar away, straightening the rest of the collar and shortening from the foot about 5 to 10 cm and then sewing black ribbon around the edges. 
I bought that long vest with the cat from London last December from YourEyesLie in Camden where they have the coolest little store.
bolero jacket:HM/DIY, long vest: YourEyesLie, leggings: Gina Tricot, Shoes: Vagabond



Yesterday was quite chilly, so I thought fall-ish clothes are suitable, despite it's spring. I was in a huge hurry and just put this together amazingly quickly. Some mornings are just better than others. In these pictures the chilliness doesn't come through though, which I like.
Without the balmain-ish jersey, the outfit turns into a kind of 40's safari look.
jersey:HM Trend, skirt:COS, t-shirt:Only, shoes:Vagabond and DinSko

Being all happy with my combination, I started remembering that I had been browsing through my Vogue Collections ss10 the day before and realized Balmain collection had some effect... So I guess influences are various, a bit of Balmain shoulders/colors, a bit of Dries Van Noten f09/ss10/f10 collections and maybe a bit of Celine ss10.
from top left clockwise: Dries Van Noten f10, Balmain ss10, Celine ss10, Balmain ss10 (pohotos: www.style.com)


soon to be a gladiator

I bought these gladiator sandals the other day. Gladiator trend is one I've grown into really slow, a year late, I might add. I've been pondering whether to buy these, I'm not sure if I'm a gladiator girl, but then I found them at a store move sale for -20% off, so it made the deal. Just have combine them with something girlie.
Vagabond Micro, photo by Vagabond