... it's f i n a l l y ready! Yay!! 
I didn't have any ready pattern to follow, this is more like an own design as I adopted this knit pattern from one book I have and took one of my sweatshirt as a pattern/model. I have to tell you, this piece needed quite a bit of nerves as I had to deconstruct it quite many times. Well, as my mom says, if you do a prototype you need to ready yourself for setbacks. :)
And next week some outfit pics with it. 


Midsummer's midnight

Staying here the whole weekend, without computer, celebrating midsummer. But not to worry,this is not turning into landscape scenery blog. Exciting new stuff to show next week! Hope you'll have a lovely weekend!



Browsed through pics from our recent (ohm, a month ago... times flies by way too fast) trip to Copenhagen and here are some random ones. It was super successful trip, we rented bikes and ride around the city for the whole weekend. So relaxing (as you can see from my silly frog-smile and messy hair-do)! :)



all HM (old&new), except shoes: Vagabond
Just a basic jeans & shirt. My initial reaction was to wear this shirt with pastels or sorts, but I wanted challenge myself a bit and wear it with stronger/more in contrast.



shirt: Asos, skirt: Gina Tricot, shoes: Vagabond, belt&belt: Weekday
I put my new accessories into use right away. :) These super sugary colors are here to celebrate my workload finally easing. Yey! Now I can finally start enjoying every-day "routines" such as hobbies, like this! :) And summer, which is at its best already! Happy times! :)