Jacket and wide trousers: Weekday, blouse: Vero Moda, belt: Maison Martin Margiela for HM
Another good thing with a relaxing vacation is that I finally had time to sort loads of outfit pics from past month during our time in Orlando (yeap, came here after NYC for hubby's work). Here's one of those sets whilst travel pics still wait. At the airport starting trip back home now! :)



 coat: HM Trend, purse: Weekday, shoes: Converse, tunic&jeans: old
Greetings from New York City! We're on a long needed vacation and it's been lovely! This is only the second time I've visited the City! This time around Williamsburg in Brooklyn was the one to stole my heart though. Totally my cup of tea; seemed relaxed and alternative enough for my taste. :) Plus visiting Williamsburg was the warmest day, NYC didn't really bless us with warm weather, the day these pics were taken was definitely the chilliest.
NYC took its toll though, before the trip and on it. I've been sewing and knitting clothes for the trip most of the evenings for the past month, blogging has regrettably been left for a while. Too much to do both work and free-time together with all the clothes projects. I really needed to create something tangible, things I create with my hands are the best stress relief. Walking super long days around NYC helps getting free of stress too. :)
Here's a silk top I sew, better pics coming... The pic is taken in a great taco restaurant in Nolita.



bow-tie: Selected Homme, shirt: Monki, skirt: HM Trend, boots: Office, beret: old, bag: Cambridge Satchel Company
Borrowing a bow-tie from my man's closet, albeit I'm the one who bought it in the first place! :) I'm really into this skirt, lucky me I got it from the sales on ridiculously cheap price. White bottoms are not always the easiest though. Do you remember those too tight trousers (on girls on their 20's, but also on ladies on their 50's maybe) made out of equally too thin fabric (read: see-through on the parts you wouldn't want to know of). I was almost forever condemned with the burden of that image never to wear anything white and tight. However, the fabric of this skirt is nice and thick. (Hence, no rear end troubles. :) )



I was hopelessly late with any Easter decorations, so here's the result of a trip to grocery store yesterday. That's wheatgrass on the last pic, edible decorations won't take any storage room after the holidays. :)
Happy Easter to all (who's celebrating it)!



skirt: COS, scarf: my mom's old, rest: old
These pics are from fall/winter, I think. Scarfs like this are true saviors of those bad hair days. :)



Got inspired by one of those fabulous outfits Chloë Sewigny wears. Don't have the original inspo pic though. I have a true girl-crush on miss Sewigny: the style, talent, looks and charisma, what more to ask. :) 
The second crush I've had lately is on silk shirts. The one I'm wearing is the only relatively new piece on this outfit, from HM Trend.



Did it myself and designed too. :) (In the pic the vest is still slightly unfinished)
I guess I was inspired by the Céline or Dries (or some other my ultimate-favorite minimalist designers/brands), but couldn't find the source anymore. Sorry for that. This vest has been on the making for quite some time, so it was such a joy that I finally did it! :)



Sweater: Gina Tricot, skirt: HM Trend
I have a pile of pics waiting to be posted and a ton of ideas for outfits waiting to get photographed. But no time, it seems. Won't go there too much, but February at work ended up being one of the most difficult ones so far...
To balance the stress, I managed to do loads of crafts to relax (yeah, I admit:  also some retail therapy...), but blogging for some reason has been too difficult. Maybe it's the sitting by the computer that also has its limits. Anyhow, due to all the crafts and shopping, now I have all the nice things to show you! :)
(Here's an outfit I worn sometime during fall/winter.)



shirt: Maison Martin Margiela x HM, skirt: HM Trend,  shoes: Office
The minute I saw this eggplant colored leather skirt, I knew I needed to get it if only it fits. And it did. :) The leather is super soft and smooth, love it, but the downside is that the skirt has already lost it shape. :/

The ears of the kitten figure in the shirt peeking from the waistline of the skirt amuse me a lot. :) Thanks MMM x HM for a bit of joy in the garments!

I broke my New Year's resolutions already by working crazy hours for the couple last weeks... Another  resolution on its way. :) How about you, did you make any which you already broke?



I had to get these building-print tights the minute I saw them at a design fair! :) And it's always nice when you get your new things in something else than a regular plastic bag, makes a nice addition to the otherwise already nice shopping situation. :)



My take on what British Vogue (January) stated as essential piece this winter, "a military dress". This has been my fall go-to outfit. I've worn it at least 3 to 4 times with different variations. And managed to ruin my husbands tie whilst wearing this one. :/ :)

all:old (Zara dress)



 shirtdress, trousers: HM Trend, bag: Maison Martin Margiela for HM, shoes: Vagabond

Hope you had fun celebrating New Year's Eve! Here's what I wore to a very fun evening saying goodbye to 2012. The shirtdress is new in, found it from sales 50% off. :) I also bought this lipstick, both from HM. The lipstick seems to work well for it purpose at that price (only 5 euros), stays very well on.
p.s. Here's what happens when one can't decide, six times me. :/ Maybe it was the curly hair that inspires me. I bought new multi hair straightener/curler as a christmas present for myself and finally learned how to use it.  :)

All the great things for 2013 for all of you!!!



leather top and jeans: Zara, bag: Maison Martin Margiela for HM
Hope you've had lovely festive season! Here's one of the outfits I wore to the pre-season celebrations. I'm really into this leather peplum top I found from Zara.



I decided to share some moments of the happiest day of my life to mark the end of a hiatus unintended. After the honeymoon, all I've been doing is workworkwork and to balance the stress knitknitknit, it seems. Fall has passed by so very fast, can't believe that (much needed) happy holidays are already just around the corner! One of my big new year's resolutions is to start taking control of time, and so be able to blog regularly again.
My wedding dress was made by my mom (silk&lace decoration from Italy), shoes are by Minna Parikka, earrings from trip to Italy too. Makeup and hair was done by my trusted hairdresser. :)

Hope you all have had a wonderful fall!