Some poses (aka outfits) along the trip. That dog does a good pose, doesn't he. :) Me on the other hand tend to have this silly *frog* smile. :I
Most of the clothes, with few exception like the lemon and black peplum shirts I got from sales (HM Trend, 70% off!!!), are own creations. Well, except the yellow sleeveless dress I wore to my friends wedding, that's my mom's creation.



This is the first out of four; Florence, Fiesole, San Giminiano, Sienna, Lucca, Bologna and Venice compressed. I realized it'll be more efficient (and less frustrating to browse through) if I categorize and pack a bit our holiday pics from Italy. :) Maybe vacation did helped a tiny bit to creativeness I felt was missing.



top:Weekday, bikini top and sunglasses: HM, scarf: Marni for HM
...and some more DIY (and touristy pics). This time as a form of these shorts. Super simple to do, you can use your old gym pants or sorts as a pattern. Critical points are: the length from waist to crouch (long enough, if you want them reach your waist as I did) and the width of the hem (I like the wider the better). All these clothes I did for the trip I did in a bit of a hurry, so I didn't have time to photograph the steps. Maybe I'll do that some time in a future, if that would help someone... :)



Beware! Now starts my holiday pics galore! :) First Florence. It was so super hot it was impossible to stay in direct sunlight. And bare with me, I'm such a bad poser on public...
1. Wearing sleeveless shirt I altered from a favorite shirt, under HM neon pink top, skirt is DIY/own design & Vagabond sling-backs 
2. Palazzo Vecchio
3. A bit of another DIY skirt and my friends cat, cute right?!
4. Visiting Uffizi gallery in DIY/own design top, altered HM shorts & Weekday bag. Not sure though if wearing nude clothes without any tan is clever?! My skin probably blinded loads of people over Florence! :)
5. View over Florence, and some green! I was surprised of the lack of "green" in city center.
6. Lovely courtyard of one restaurant
7. I got inspired by the graphic floor ornaments of Duomo.



skirt:self-made/own "design", vest:DIY, tank top:old, flats:Vagabond, purse:Weekday
What a hectic week it's been after getting back home! There was loads of urgent wedding preparations to do and now I'm at my parents helping my mom do my wedding dress! I'll keep it under wraps until wedding though. Found this super beautiful fabric from Florence, so excited of it!
Before I have a change to sort out our pics from Italy, here's an outfit prior to the trip so that this blog won't turn out all travel related. :) Some mix of patterns. Do you prefer with or without the vest?



Here's some colors on the way. I love traveling,but it's even more better to get home after a successful trip. Just a few hours more...



I'm in beautiful & hot Italy! Actually been here already for five days,another five to come. Yey!
My blogging has been in a bit of an accidental pause as after last post I got very sick for a week and after that I tried to do as many new easy breazy summer clothes I could for this hothothot city vacation trip. Hopefully I get some decent pics out of those.. we did try to take some over here,but it's too hot and I'm in a lazy touristy mode looking like a.. er... frog. But here's a sneak peak included of my new pink top with pelican print.
We came here for my friends wedding and it's been lovely!! Hope to share some more experiences in days to come!