This necklace use to belong to my grandma. My mom gave it to me when we were sorting out grandma's estate. I also got loads of clothes I thought could be in good use in the future. We'll see, I need to sort out those first and figure out some outfits which wouldn't end up too-granny-like. :) I have a bit to work to do with my wardrobe as I also found some "new" pieces from my mom's...
The bright red-orange-y blazer's relatively new, got it from HM. The fabric's really smooth and soft. The jeans are DIY bleached. Twice actually. The first time didn't come out quite right (originally these jeans were dark grey), but I think the second time created this ok marble effect.
necklace: old Kalevala jewelry, bracelet: Kalevala jewelry, HM blazer, Monki shirt, DIY jeans, Office boots


spring? and the winter hasn't even arrived yet

Usually I'm always excited of the next season and wan't to get early start, sneak-peaks and everything, but now it feels just too early to start thinking about spring trends and clothes as this year the winter's really late and hasn't actually even started. I enjoy all the season we have, I love seeing how the nature changes and how one has to dress according to the weather :). I live in a country with four very clear seasons. But not this year. Last winter was extremely cold and there was a lot of snow and this year it's really warm and grass is still green, why couldn't it be something in between (but with a lot of snow instead of water-y snow we tend to now have)? I'd like to enjoy the heavy winter knits and all. (what a rant, sorry).
But to the point: here's some fw2011-12 trend pics I liked and picked up, but never posted: Turtlenecks
 Isabel Marant (I'd like to wander around in a sweater like that)
Celine (look at that layering!)

after the happy holidays!

This year I and my boyfriend took responsibility for arranging the family christmas for the first time! It was a lot more work than we imagined (and now have a lot more respect and understanding for our parents), but it was also extremely rewarding in so many ways! It was such a joy to see everyone enjoying their time and to be able to give that to them. I was also anxious on having my own christmas tree for the first time (parents live in another town so there hasn't been sense on having one at our place). But that's how last couple of weeks have passed by...
As I also wanted to do all the decorations and not buy any... I started knitting christmas tree decoration balls by a norwegian model by Arne&Carlos, but until the final week prior I had only 6 ready ones... So I decided to buy this light decoration by la case de cousin paul (they have a lot of beautiful colorful choices, but I went with the christmas-y white ones. I need to get some colorful ones for everyday decoration). We bought a real tree from a market close-by, it has really nice natural smell to it.
But the great idea of skipping the decoration with the light decoration balls didn't turn out quite the way I had imagined it, so I started sewing in the very last minute these fabric hearts and other figures.
I was happy with the final result. In the pic behind the tree is also our new christmas curtains which I sew midst all the hurry (crazy me), fabric's by Marimekko.
Hope the ones that celebrate Christmas had a fun and relaxing holidays!



I feel this is a bit of a retake of the earlier outfit despite the fact the only item on both of the outfits is the stripey tights. That's how strongly a similar color palette together with recognizable pattern affect. I have a bit of a peasant theme going on here, unintended though. Maybe it's the stripes, maybe the scarf. Nonetheless, I had fun with the double stripes.



It's been emotionally crazy couple of weeks. I mean, the variety of emotions has been "crazy" - from the celebration of the cutest new-born at her baptism (baby of close relatives) to the death of my grand-mother. Her funeral was held last Saturday. It was a beautiful event, sad of course, but also beautiful. As she had (very) long and good life, it was also a sort of celebration of her life as it was saying goodbye to her.

This first bouquet is from the baptism.
 And this second's from my bouquet and card to my grandmother.


bright and then some darker

Bought this hat almost a month ago, but this was the first time I wore it. I was actually about to return it to the store, but when I showed it to my friends they talked me into keeping it. What do you think? I'm not quite sure whether it's really my style.
The red button-up I found from the attic when re-organizing it. There's a bunch of stuff I found, we'll see if any of those newly found old clothes will find their way to a post-worth outfit. :)
hat:HM, sweater: JC, shoes: Office, shirt&jeans:old



I've been working waaaaay too long days in a recent weeks and even though blogging takes time away from much needed sleep I just want to feel I have something else than work in my life too. So just for the fun of it - a quick post of an outfit some days ago (or was it a week or so). :) New shorts btw.



I've been wandering the streets in my burgundy/raspberry colored hat and getting glances from fellow citizens. You might even say people were staring at me. :) There's three reasons why I don't mind, first of all,  I like my hat; second is I think I might have been better dressed than the ones staring at me; and third one is: I can lurk under the wide brim!
The shirt is actually a dress and I'm quite happy I rediscovered it, haven't been wearing it for a while. And the leopard scarf is DIY.

 The black metal ring (shaped as a superman-logo) caught the light and turned into shiny one.


DIY knitted & crocheted

One weekend I got the same urge I always get when the weather gets colder: to do some knitting. But because of the lack of any yarn I decided to unwind one tube scarf I made a year ago of this super soft yarn...  The scarf ended up being my favorite one until it stretched because of the "always right" knitting and it got sort of tufted. So I re-knitted it, but this time I did it really small on the diameter and "high".
As the scarf was really fast to do, the yarn's really heavy, I unwounded another ill-fated doing - one too big and thin cap. I had more of that soft peach yarn so I went with double thread and ended up doing a crocheted beanie of which I'm super proud as I didn't have any model for it, I just did it. :)
And then just totally random pic - a reflection of my necklace to the opposite wall. I just thought it was funny.


third time's the charm

This is not the luckiest outfit; I've worn (almost) this combination with slight variations about four times over the late summer&fall and this was the third time I took pics of it, but the first time the pics ended up decent... I might post some of the pics from previous session as there's a couple ok ones. And that outfit's not exactly like this one. But I'll get to that later, now some much needed sleep. :)
Btw, friends from work had several names for this variation - one thought I looked like a skipper, one thought I've escaped from 70's Paris. :)
barret&shirt:old, scarf: Marimekko, jeans:HM


memory lane

Ok, I know my memory isn't the best always, but now I had a new reminder (hehe) how bad it can be. I've been struggling to find time for blogging, especially for taking pics and now I realized I had taken some and forgotten these. Well, here goes. Outfit from a week or two ago, can't really remember (sigh). On a more positive note, I'm wearing my new Monki tights that are in my opinion one version of Chanel tights from last season. There was these monochrome black and white tights by Chanel, wasn't there? (sigh times two).



Golden jeans are one funny item to pair clothes with... When I got these I had punch of ideas, then they all disappeared and wearing them seemed somewhat irrational, and then back to the "yey-golden-jeans-I'll-wear-these-all-the-time". I wanted to try an outfit with these golden babies that would be more "adult"... Well, I ended up looking a bit like a stewardess... :) No-one said anything at the work though, I guess they are by now used to me wearing costume-like attires.

Trench vest: Selected Femme, shirt: JC, jeans: HM, shoes: Office


red leopard

We had a date night with my man and I wanted to wear something skintight! (Isn't that appropriate for a date night?) He always says he likes everything I wear, even the baggy and artsy ones, but I bet he's more into the feminine clothes... Well, it was fun for me too to wear something ultra feminine (in my standards that is) for a change. And in order show a little bit of the wild (and that artsy) side I threw in the leopard tights. I'm not sure if I ended up being more 80's than feminine with the strong colors and big shoulders though. :)

dress: HM Trend, bag: Bianco, tights: Gina Tricot



I was *a bit* excited about the launch of the Monki Online Store, so needless to say I bought a couple of items; this shirt and the over-knee socks. I also got tights, but about those in a another post. I was really happy with all the products, especially as I had tried this shirt earlier in a store, didn't buy it and it kept haunting me. :) Minor complaints go to the delivery time though, I was surprised it took a week or so. But I guess it was more about me being anxious getting the stuff. :)