Here's the blouse I was talking about before. Been sick for the whole week so I haven't really been capable of doing new posts. Sorry for the bad lighting, although I had fun browsing through the pics.
Blouse: Gina Tricot, jeans: Pieces, boots: Vagabond


new shoes for fall (and winter too)

So typical of me. I went to search for a new pair of basic black flats, like these, to replace my existing ones I've wore out. (I've really tried to cut down buying new shoes lately and be more reasonable.)
But. Instead I found these boots and the decision to buy these took like a half a second! Well, they're quite reasonable and flats too, aren't they. :)
Both shoes by Vagabond. Can't help it, Vagabond shoes are just in my taste and fit.


fire truck red

I'm pretty excited red is one of the key colors this season. I was really into red a couple of years back and now it feels new again. Especially together with all the muted colors we're having (and I've been mostly wearing), red brightens up the color palette. 

This is what wore the other day. I was inspired by one pic I saw at the Stockholm Street Style. It made me remember these red jeans I had in my wardrobe already just waiting for the new coming. :)
jeans&tank top under&bag:HM Divided,cardigan:HM Trend, white top:Monki, shoes:Weekday, leather bracelet:COS


taupe blouse

I fell for this Nastygal blouse when I saw it the first time. The price together with the delivery costs made me search for something similar but cheaper to modify myself. All you would need to do is shorten the front of the hemline. I found one from Gina Tricot, the item in this pic is almost the same, close but not quite. The one I got is closer to Nartygal's color. I'll show it in a outfit soon.
Nastygal Shape Shiftr Silk Tail Blouse - Taupe, $188

Gina Tricot Fanny shirt Pale mauve, €19.90