leather overalls:HM trend, blouse: thrifted, sweater:JC, wedges:Vagabond

Haven't shown one of my favorite leather piece in an outfit post for a long time: leather overalls. :) Wore this last week.



first row: Acne, Moschino Cheap and Chic, Max Mara, Etro, McQ
second row: Max Mara, Paul Smith, McQ, Christopher Kane, Erdem
(all pics: www.style.com)

One of the (possible) trends I spotted from the fall-winter 2012-13 catwalks was combining corset/tank top upper part dress with (sheer) long-sleeved shirt. It's quite "back to the 90's", isn't it? I can't say I'm head-over-heels in love with all of these looks, but I'm definitely going to try this! :)

My favorites are the Acne: the colors and the textures,
McQ: sheer and embroidery play well together/rock chic,
Erdem: blending two prints,
MaxMara: the olive green version,
Moschino Cheap and Chic: classical and girly.

Hmm, maybe the trick (for me) is the contrast wouldn't be too big. What do you think of combining corset dress with a shirt?




I did this skirt last spring as a dress first. I thought I'd wear it more often as a dress than eventually did, so I decided to shorten it to a skirt. This is one of those DIY's that took a lot more time to get finished than the work actually needed aka couldn't decide the length and so the shortening project didn't get wind under its wings for a while. So so happy another DIY is finished! :)



Finally ready! These have been on the making for a loooooong time. A necklace and a headband designs by me.

1. what you need: some leftover yarn, cardboard or thick paper, dividers
2. do two rounds, the size of the pompom will be approximately the larger diameter minus the smaller.

3. make a pair for one pompom (these have already slits cut, it's better to make those on stage 4.)
4. tape the pair together from two points (these have only one, believe me, it's easier with two). Note: it's easier if you cut the "slit" to the inner hole at this point.

5. start wrapping yarn around the form/sheets using the slit
6. make sure to wrap enough layers. Here's how much I did with thin yarn. Note: this is essential!

7. here's how much I did for a big gray one
8. after enough layers: you can either string the end of the yarn under the layers with a needle...

9. ...or string it between the sheets at the same time when cutting the edges. Place the scissors carefully between the sheets and cut.
10. almost ready pompom. Here you see the size in relation to the sheets. Make sure you have enough (=more yarn than this) to make a proper tight knot between the sheets by making a loop with the end of the yarn

11. remove the form/sheets carefully and dishevel the pompom a bit
12. If you are crazy enough like me, start crocheting a ribbon for a necklace... You can also by one. :)

13. And "the craziness" (aka what was suppose to be quick and easy, took a lot more time) continues: crochet backgrounds for the pompoms in order to be able to place them in the position you want

14. A ready pompom headband. The sheets for this one were too big, I had to even it all around to make it a bit smaller. I had an old headband I sewed the pompom to.

15. A ready pompom necklace. I'll wear it soon...



jacket: DIY, top: Your Eyes Lie, jeans: HM, shoes:Vagabond
Ok, it's either time or this damn flu which makes self-criticism disappear... These pics are taken last year (!), I guess. And now I thought they're worth posting?!?! Well, I do like all the pieces in this outfit, I have no idea why I haven't posted this earlier... Maybe this outfit as a whole just isn't totally "me". (I've had more "me" outfits planned with my golden jeans.)
And my hair is for once reasonable (oh, how I need to get a time to my hair dresser's! I had one last week, but missed it due to this flu! Grr! You're going to hear this bad-hair-day-rant until...sorry.)



by Michael Angel fw12. There was lovely wearable pieces at this collection, but I fell for these super heavy knits. Where one can get as heavy thread?! :) I'd definitely like to jump in one right now (still too cold outside).Plus I love these shots and the dress is amazing, look how it flows and the color, ah!




When I first saw those big sequins at Chanel ss12 they reminded me of a sweater I bought, what, a year or year and a half ago. Sweater which I haven't worn this winter (it's woolen, quite impossible to wear other than winter) and which I like a lot - this seems to be a familiar story. Well, the sweater IS somewhat sparkly, but the good thing is, it makes people smile (some to stare as well, but we don't care about those people, do we)!
I totally forgot how the sources of my inspiration looked actually like until I browsed those for this post. So the intention wasn't to repeat anything, I was just inspired by Chanel. A glimpse of what you see gets stuck in your mind and starts to live its own life.

p.s. I've been in a terrible flu for several days and it still goes on. This is the first day I can spend more than an hour by the computer without falling asleep. Good thing I have a laptop. And that I've been taking some pics in a couple of last weeks and not having time to post those, which I can now post while I'm still by no means qualified for any reasonable outfit post for quite some time aka feeling crappy and looking horrible. Hope you haven't catch any of those nasty flus!



suede pants&cardigan: Selected Femme, scarf: Pieces, shoes: Vagabond

Yep, it's been such a cold weather and during this colder period these pants have been my go-to pants on those mornings which weren't very inspiring. Easy to layer, dress and goes with a punch of stuff. I just realized they haven't made it to any of the posts. So here goes. Dedicated to all of those garments that saves your day (morning better said)! (although boyfriend doesn't like these to the bits as I do :).)



All Weekday MTWTFSS; except white short shirt: Weekday Collaboration with Bruno Pieters

Ok, I realize I've compensated stress with shopping at the beginning of the year quite a bit. Here's another trip to the sales done couple of weeks ago, forgot to post these... The white shirt is exactly what I've had on my mind to do as a DIY, but when I saw this I couldn't resist (even though it wasn't on sales like the others). Have to say my close relative had a healt-scare and I've been/am also too tired to write/post anything reasonable. But I want to add I'm super happy of all you showing interest in these experiments and sorts of mine! :)



It's super freezing over here, one has to dress like a true arctic wanderer to survive outside... :) Here's what I wore a week or so back when it  was cold but nothing compared to this. The dress is thick and woolen, perfect to stay warm (and impossible to wear when it's warmer). I found it of one of those wanders to my mom's closet.
Thought that the dress would be quite suitable to try out that 40's trend, check pattern on the other hand is quite grunge.



My order from Monki arrived. I'm very pleased with everything. Although I have to take in the purple skirt, which is size M and it seems I'm between S and M (closer to S, which I don't "believe" when making online shopping). I'm so looking forward to snuggle in the cardi.