this is how it goes...

Alexander Wang's spring-summer -10 collection wasn't instantly the collection for me. But with all the hype, I've grown to it and now looking at the cuts and the proportions, I really like it. And noticed that it has affected me subconsciously (through different channels - high street stores etc) quite a bit as I found myself dressed into this combination test, for which I found these inspirational pictures, too.
btw: shoes are 90's Vagabond! ;)


the skull

I got overdosed with girlie girl sugar-coated honey stuff I feel I've been wearing lately. At least I felt I needed some sort of brake. So skull it is. (Yet I feel this isn't enough, it still has those neutral honey colors, for example... Maybe I need to opt for black and neon. Well, I'm very into neutrals as is the rest of the world, so not anytime soon will these neutrals disappear.)

 t-shirt: Cheap Monday, jeans:DIY, scarf:HM


sharp pen

Simple things, part two. I might add, comfy too. Those leggings are of stretchy, shiny velvet, which was common in 90's. The cut of the leggings is clever (details, of course, not visible in the photo), but not the direction of the velvet - it lifts up all shirts... Pity. Using of a material almost awful in a new context makes it really fresh.
Instant seriousness factor by a black jacket? :)
t-shirt&leggings: Cheap Monday, purse: Vuokko, shoes:Vagabond, jacket: JC


simple things

A simple "jeans and black t-shirt"-outfit, but little details bring some extra to it. Hopefully. :)
Jeans: Cheap Monday, shoes: Vagabond

Just to try out, I threw in this necklace. It changes the feeling of the outfit, doesn't it.



The cloud in my chest is a brooch I bought last summer from a market held in inner court yard of Pikilinna, an old housing complex that is very active, as I've understood. Brooch is made by young Finnish female artist. I like it a lot. It gives this girlie girl outfit some interest too. :) This skirt is one of my favorites, but lately I haven't been wearing it that much.
 skirt: Numph, cardigan: HMtrend, shoes:Dinsko


waiting for summer

This is what I bought from Paris. Not much, right? Seems like I'm really into neutrals at the moment. All the fashion magazines have obviously affected. The shirt-skirt is from Uniqlo and the clutch from Kikiwatch second-hand shop, which was amazing, by the way. We didn't have that much time there, so...



The ash situation is affecting all of us in some ways, I guess. Ended up being in a hurry, partially because of that. But after this week, I hope it'll be better again. 
Nothing too special here, but I'm so happy it's finally warm enough to wear those leggings. They're of a bit too thin material. I really like the color combination and they go well with my other "been waiting for the whole winter"-item, those boots. You can't see it well in this photo, but the fabric of that ash colored shirt is partially see-through, I guess it's been made with some sort of acid technique.

shirt on top: Weekday, leggings: Selected, boots: Office London

another tourist photo

Here's one outfit from trip to Paris. Suits well Les Tuileries, I practically disguise myself in this photo. :)

Here's a close-up of the textures. Quite plenty for my usual style, but I'm happy with it.
jacket:selected, pants&shirt:HM trend



I'm among those who were astonished by Dries Van Noten's fall 2010 collection. I have to admit I wasn't a big fan of the spring-summer -10 collection, as I'm not so much into mixing patterns. But fall, oh fall, it's been haunting my subconscious. Especially these outfits. 
It would have never came into my mind to combine slouchy jumper with equally wide skirt. Very fifties-sixties and Audrey Hepburn-ish. And the details, that wide neckline, those orange gloves (!), textures... I could go on and on. The whole collection had sort of airy fresh feeling.

So, this is what I came up with my wanders. (Not that the jumper is slouchy as in those examples.)
skirt: COS, jumper: JC

This skirt is a purchase from last fall from COS, which in my opinion, had then in store really Dries Van Noten fall 2009 influenced collection color- and model-wise. So now that DVN has created again a bit more minimalistic collection, no wonder COS's skirt suits that feeling.


a purchase from Paris

You know the feeling when you know you've found something you've been searching for a long time and have to make the decision to buy it in a couple of minutes? At the same time you're excited, but a bit frightened, especially if it's about a bigger purchase. 

As I said, I didn't buy that much from Paris, except for these eyeglasses and in a really extempore situation! We were wandering the streets of Marais and found this amazing eyeglasses shop, that had just the glasses in the window I've been searching for. I had to go and try them on, and I think, I hope, they suit me. So I ended up buying them. They're now in an optician to have the glasses put on them and I'll get them in a couple of weeks. So excited, but scared too. Eyeglasses affect quite a bit to how you look.

If someone's looking for a new pair for eyeglasses, I can definitely recommend Paris! So many nice little shops that have really interesting glasses.



I've been a Vespa fan for ages and couldn't help but take these photos when seeing a colorful one in a bit older model. They are so cute!


Wanderer in paris, part two, what's under

Same day, but after dinner. And you can tell that by my goofing around act, too. 

I'm surprised I don't have a post of this dress, yet. It's by far my easiest garments at this moment. I got it from our trip to Stockholm in January. And it has rescued me from several occasions of last minute panic. Just add leggings or colorful stockings and you're done! This time I added a bit of color on top with another favorite of the moment, the neon pink shirt.

What I also like about this dress is the 60's feeling it has. The A-shape, the lace, the form of the neckline, all very 60's, isn't it.
dress: Monki, leggings: American Apparel, shirt: Selected Femme, shoes: Vagabond

Wanderer in paris, part two

As I said, weather was nice, albeit a bit chilly due to a heavy wind. I'll show you later what was in the second paper bag that I'm carrying.

coat: Gina Tricot, scarf: self-made, leggings: American Apparel

more colors around buildings

As I mentioned earlier, the window frames are just one way, of course, the street level gets more colorful in a classy way in Paris. Here's some joyous ways that I really like.

Those colorful table cloths and the blankets at the second picture are so cute.  


Wanderer in paris

We sure did wander around quite a bit. This day it was all about south of Seine. Those shoes saw a lot of pavement.
 trench coat: Monki, suede trousers: Selected Femme, shoes: kmb from Stockholm, bag: HM, scarf: self-made


color at the feet of the beige buildings

I love how in Paris the color is created in the street level. The shops, restaurants etc. stand out in various ways, for example in colorful frames. This suits to the clothes too, doesn't it, when the background is simple, or monochrome, details or accent colors really matter.

some more beige

While at the beige theme, here's some details from the first day. Weather really was in our favor. :)


the beige

Most of the buildings in Paris are light beige on their main facade. With the preset height limit this gives the city quite a homogeneous look. Differences between 'arrondissements' come from other things...

the green

Parisians sure know how to use their parks. The green areas are refreshing despite their popularity, or better yet, because of it.

Greetings from Paris!

We had a very successful holiday, loads of hanging around and so on. We made an agreement with boyfriend that there won't be that much shopping and the computer was left home too. In the end, total relaxation, and I was surprised by how few purchases I made. Actually, in my opinion, boyfriend made more! Very refreshing! And I have to admit I've done my bit of shopping lately and what's more important I got loads of ideas what to do next... Already bought some threads today.
Here's one that tells a lot about the trip. More coming soon. Clothes-wise too.
By the way sunglasses are from Weekday and Monki.



Tickets to Paris bought! All I've been thinking the couple of last days is what to wear! Well, I'm kidding, but still. French women have notoriously impeccable style, I'm not even trying to compete, but you have to try your best. A bit intimidating, in a good way though.

Here's as "Parisian" outfit as I could get. With a cliches and 40's-80's vibe. Oh, and I finally get to show my new hairdo. I have such a great hairstylist, which I don't do any compliment by my messy dos... I wish I'd have more energy to spend on my hair at mornings... And despite my promises to myself on growing bangs away I ended up cutting them. But I'm very pleased with the result! 

trench coat: Monki, leather shorts: HM, barret: Accessories, shirt: Mango, stockings: Lindex, shoes: Vagabond



As I finally have time to browse through rest of the fall collections, I noticed that style.com had done their "Top Ten Must Haves"-list of fall essentials and in second was red velvet! 

I'm secretly delighted about this as I blogged about the color wine red (and of it combined with velvet) while Paris fashion week was still going on... Well, it was obvious as red in different shades does pop out in several collections used in various ways. But still, I found something Vogue picked up too. :)

Here's a piece from Lanvin (not in velvet and in a brighter shade too).

photo: www.style.com

the little things

This is probably a big cliche, but for me it's the little things that bring luxury to everyday life (apart from clothes and shoes of course...).

Like the flowers and good design as a form of vase in this case...

or good food and ingredients...

or good design and a product as a form of lipstick from a luxury brand...

To this I have to add, that I like to think of myself as a person who doesn't find everything "amazing" just because it's from a certain brand. But in this case a Chanel lipstick as a beautiful product (and a good lipstick by every means) does add some (relatively cheap) glamour into a girls life. Highly recommended!