skirt: COS, sweater: JC, necklace: Pieces, wedges: Office
Hope you had fun weekend! Mine started well with dinner with friends and here's what I wore to the occasion. Rest of the weekend wasn't as fun, I needed to work with one side project the whole weekend. It's a fun and interesting project, but it just takes quite a bit of time to finish. So still no time to finish DIY's. But that's enough with the rant.
The necklace is made out of fabric roses. I like it a lot, but for some reason haven't worn it that much (maybe I've stuck with my idea of wearing it as a headband, as I first did when I bought it). The skirt has had similar fate, haven't worn it this winter that much (no reason here either). I like how heavy it is, there's quite a bit of fabric. It would be fun to just swirl around!



faux leather shorts&grey tights: HM, shirt: old self-made, wedges: Vagabond

I just found these pics taken some time ago. I think I haven't posted them as the "film" was on sensitive and they ended up a bit granulated. Pity the (mirror surfaced plastic) scissor necklace isn't that visible on the pics... I have no idea to what occasion I wore this outfit. :)



Found this dress from my mom's closet, I guess it's from the 80's. (Dare I say there's something marcjacobs-y with the shirt dress?!) It's nice woolen fabric, very suitable for winter time. I through my fur vest on top for chillier moments. Now looking at these pics from a couple of days back, everything seems so super sweet, maybe I should have thrown in something with a bit of rock attitude. Does the golden vintage belt count? :)

shoes: Office, hat: HM



O-ou, more shoes... I totally broke my new year's resolution of buying only items I really need. Well, I do kinda need silver flats as my old ones are totally worn-out. (yep, it is possible to wear silver flats to an end.)
I managed to squeeze in some retail therapy time after a day of seminar and, boy, it was good on the sales. Got the shoes and the softer than feather gap from Zara, the rings are from Weekday. I got a bunch of other stuff from Weekday too, it was minus 75% at the best... But more of those on another post. Now at bit of extra work to do. I also have a couple of DIYs on the way, hope to finish those soon so I could finally show those here.



I attended my friends' graduation party yesterday evening and managed to snap some pics quickly. Both the blouse and the skirt are new. Well, blouse "only" relatively new; I wore it to New Year's too. There's pearls&diamonds studs in the collar and the upper part. The skirt has an interesting hemline too. Quite invisible in the pics. Pity I didn't have time to take close-ups. 
The reason for being in a hurry was because I couldn't decide "how" to wear the blouse as the hemline is part of the design and tucked totally under the skirt was nice and very classical, but missed one point of the design of the blouse. I decided to go with half-tucked way, I found it a bit more interesting and suitable for the occasion. So here's a couple of pics of the "classical" way too, what do you think, which way is better?
blouse: Vero moda, skirt: HM Trend, shoes: Vagabond



mint blouse: DIY from a thrift, skirt:DIY/made by me, sweater:JC, shoes: Sacha, bracelets: DIY, necklace: KaksiTwå

So here's a turn. No black in sight indeed. :)
This is a summer skirt I made, but with heavy tights it goes on winter too. So winter flowers it is.

p.s. the internet's finally working. What's the deal with help-desk/advisory system for internet connection problems which is only accessible through online?!
p.p.s. I had fun taking these pics, so there's a bunch of them. Hope you can bare with me! :)



Jacket/blazer: HM Trend, dress: Monki, shoes: Vagabond
ring:Your Eyes Lie, bracelet: COS, necklace:HM, earrings:You Complete Me

Another all black outfit I wore to my professions party. (I'm in a serious row!) Actually I've worn this same outfit several times to  different occasions; if I recollect right, the first time was to opera in St Petersburg back in spring 2010.
Our net access's been reaaally sticky lately. Yesterday it stopped functioning totally without any reason to fix, I loose my nerves with such problems. Now it seems to be all happy and working again! (Like me) :)



 Gareth Pugh fw11
Jil Sander fw11
The color of my pants reminded me that electric blue popped up in a couple of fw11 shows (still focusing on the winter collection, trying hard to avoid spring collections...). I've also had another electric blue-black combo stuck in my mind since last summer; from Prada ss11, we'll see if I ever put that on try... There might be electric blue themed posts coming on. :)
Prada ss11
all pics by www.style.com



This shirt is new in. I love how air-light the fabric is and the batwing sleeves too. Got it from the sales (Selected Femme) and I've worn it already several times. With skirts and also as favorite just plain black jeans (which are unfortunately bad quality, after wash those are good for one wear and then they get all loose. Suggestions for good black skinny jeans?!).
Wearing also my favorite Marimekko cardigan. The only thing why I don't wear it more often are the (lovely) wide sleeves - they don't fit inside most of my coats.



...these from Monki online sale yesterday. I'm definitely not in need for new clothes (haven't still gone through what I got from my mom, and my wardrobe's too full of stuff), but the pieces were ridiculously cheap! If I understood it right, they've reduced the prizes even more from previous. We'll see how the items will turn out...



Wearing HM Trend dress as a shirt, vintage leather skirt from Weekday

Some might have notice that I'm really into wearing color. :) But this doesn't exclude the fact that I admire people who can pull off all-black outfits on a daily base, a lot. It's just that I'm really into colors. :) Something might have to do with my profession, in which people tend to wear only (and I really mean only) black. Especially the older generation of colleagues knows only light beige on top black. So during my studies I involved this habit of not adapting to the well-known uniform of all-black (aka wanted to be different. Don't we all?).
And there's another "but". Whenever I attend any of those more official happenings for my profession I tend to wear more black than usually. And so I'm adapting to the "uniform", blending amongst colleagues and not popping from the crowd with my bright red-pink-blue-younameit-ansembles.
Here's one of those "uniforms", feeling safe. :) I did have to wear something that was a bit more "rock", this time it was leather skirt. Don't really know what those older colleagues (men in black) thought of that.



 blouse:old, knit: vintage, skirt: COS, shoes: Bronx

First outfit of the year (apart from the one I wore to the New Year's, haha), another experiment. Combining different shades of white is something that's stuck in my head since fw 2010 runways... And not to be too fast, it apparently finally came into realization at the first morning after my vacation, going through piles of clothes, eyes all puffy, my mind not willing to wake up and being reluctant to start the work&routines again. (the colors are right at the close-ups, for some annoying reason the first ones went all green, plah).



It was a 2 for 1 deal. :) From Bronx.


Funny how fast year has gone. Looking back at outfits from 2011 it only seems like a short while ago I wore most of those. It's (well, almost) like meeting with old friends. ;) And I found a couple outfits I had taken pics of, but never posted. (Self-criticism obviously has gone lower as I'm now planning on posting those in someday close-by.)

Hope you had fun celebrating New Year's!