a hint of orange to cheer me up

It was raining cats and dogs this morning and the temperature was illegally cold for this time of year. My mood kinda went along with that, but luckily the weather got better along the day! :)


mustard and flare

Here's what I wore on Friday. I bought this cape a couple of years back from a trip to Riga. Haven't been wearing it much, but a little wander in my wardrobe paid a reward once again - a garment that feels new. :) Same I could say about the flare black boot cut jeans and the tie-dye top as well.

Furry Friends

We were visiting this little fellow and his friend over the weekend. He's one hard buddy to take pictures of.


grey crocodile

This is a dress I made to my friend's birthday party. The sum for the fabrics (in and out) was only 13 euros! 
Originally I wanted to make a long skirt, but I ended up doing it this way as a dress. The only thing is now I need to make the skirt I intended doing as I don't dare to cut this one shorter yet.


black vs. pink

This is a HM blazer of which I've removed collars and cropped the hem. The brooch is a new purchase from Tampere art museum, it's made by some interior architect whose name I didn't get. The front of the dress is full of bra hooks.
dress: Cheap Monday


a new start

Back from a long long hiatus. 

A couple of my friends (also from very surprising directions!) have been asking me about my blog and by their encourage I'll give it another try. :) 

So why keeping a hiatus from blogging? It wasn't anything intentional, just too many things going on in my life and at the same time loosing the focus on why keeping this blog. Just for my own fun. Last fall I also grew more critical to excessive consuming, so from now on I'll concentrate on finding new combinations of what I've already have (and maybe adding a new detail or something), modifying the ones that have potential for a new life and making more new ones self (my mom taught me well with sewing and designing my own clothes, I've just been too lazy and busy to put those skills in action in recent years). 

So here's one representation of my thoughts. An old combination can have a new spark (at least in my mind) by adding a new detail/color etc. I got this belt this spring and it's been my favourite ever since.