bow-tie: Selected Homme, shirt: Monki, skirt: HM Trend, boots: Office, beret: old, bag: Cambridge Satchel Company
Borrowing a bow-tie from my man's closet, albeit I'm the one who bought it in the first place! :) I'm really into this skirt, lucky me I got it from the sales on ridiculously cheap price. White bottoms are not always the easiest though. Do you remember those too tight trousers (on girls on their 20's, but also on ladies on their 50's maybe) made out of equally too thin fabric (read: see-through on the parts you wouldn't want to know of). I was almost forever condemned with the burden of that image never to wear anything white and tight. However, the fabric of this skirt is nice and thick. (Hence, no rear end troubles. :) )


Mary Kapsi said...

Amazing skirt!
MaryFashionLove on Bloglovin

magicswallow said...

you are amazing ! and that skirt... is just flawless, i really adore it :)

Munisa Galficar said...

perfect outfit !
i love it.

thedailyfrankievna said...

so cute !