leather overalls

About a week ago, I was looking for a new pair of leather shorts. The ones I have are a bit too tight model, I'd like ones with wider hem. In my search for a perfect pair I found these leather overalls instead. Couldn't help, but purchase them. They're from H&M trend.

In these pictures they remind me of fishermen overalls. :) I like how the feeling of these pants change with different shirts and boots.

leather overalls:H&M Trend, silk shirt: Selected Femme, boots: Vagabond

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B-Fashion said...

Moikka! Olen yrittänyt etsiä näitä kyseisiä haalareita joka paikasta, mutta HM:n myyjätkään ei ole kuullut näistä. Osaatko neuvoa mistä löytäisin? Kiitti<3