a new start

Back from a long long hiatus. 

A couple of my friends (also from very surprising directions!) have been asking me about my blog and by their encourage I'll give it another try. :) 

So why keeping a hiatus from blogging? It wasn't anything intentional, just too many things going on in my life and at the same time loosing the focus on why keeping this blog. Just for my own fun. Last fall I also grew more critical to excessive consuming, so from now on I'll concentrate on finding new combinations of what I've already have (and maybe adding a new detail or something), modifying the ones that have potential for a new life and making more new ones self (my mom taught me well with sewing and designing my own clothes, I've just been too lazy and busy to put those skills in action in recent years). 

So here's one representation of my thoughts. An old combination can have a new spark (at least in my mind) by adding a new detail/color etc. I got this belt this spring and it's been my favourite ever since.


Janet said...

So happy that you're back!

jenni said...

Thank you! That's very nice to hear! :)