It was worth the wait

Back from Amsterdam! It was such fun, but even better being back at home. Especially with this kind of welcome package: I got my new satchel! 
I ordered this at the end of May and they would have delivered it last Friday, but as I was in Amsterdam, it got postponed 'till today. Quite long wait for a bag, I have to say... 
I fell for this model the minute I saw it as I like my purses simple. :) I had no clue The Cambridge Satchel Company's satchels were as popular as they are in the blogosphere, until after I ordered the bag I started browsing all of what was published of the satchels as I was worried had I ordered the right colored bag for me. It's always a bit hard to evaluate from a screen wether the tone of the color is good. Pics and screens reproduce colors quite differently, but that's the risk one has to take when ordering online! ;) Living such a dangerous life... :)

I guess this will overtake the place as my favorite large carry-all bag. I tend to use one bag at a time a lot and not really switching between bags. This one's seen a lot life lately. Now it'll get some much needed rest. The bag is by Tio Gruppen Swedish Designers.

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