jacket: DIY, top: Your Eyes Lie, jeans: HM, shoes:Vagabond
Ok, it's either time or this damn flu which makes self-criticism disappear... These pics are taken last year (!), I guess. And now I thought they're worth posting?!?! Well, I do like all the pieces in this outfit, I have no idea why I haven't posted this earlier... Maybe this outfit as a whole just isn't totally "me". (I've had more "me" outfits planned with my golden jeans.)
And my hair is for once reasonable (oh, how I need to get a time to my hair dresser's! I had one last week, but missed it due to this flu! Grr! You're going to hear this bad-hair-day-rant until...sorry.)


Judith. said...

Love the top!! XO

Frances O@TheFashionHive said...

Great top and love how you think the mario collection for h&M is better than Verssace and I so agree:) Thank you for stopping by!


Chloe said...

Loooove that top! I really need to get my self a digital animal print top ASAP. Ever since Christopher Kane did his nearly 2 years ago, I am still obsessed.


The Polka Leopard said...

hi! just found your blog, it's great! i love how you mix colours, prints and textures! you have an amazing sense of style x

Miriam said...

you look great:)
i really like your cat-blouse <3 you have beautiful eyes :)
I am your follower now -will you follow back?

Estherina said...

Such a great top!

Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. Hope to see you on it again soon. :)

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