... it's f i n a l l y ready! Yay!! 
I didn't have any ready pattern to follow, this is more like an own design as I adopted this knit pattern from one book I have and took one of my sweatshirt as a pattern/model. I have to tell you, this piece needed quite a bit of nerves as I had to deconstruct it quite many times. Well, as my mom says, if you do a prototype you need to ready yourself for setbacks. :)
And next week some outfit pics with it. 


Joana said...

Ohh, this is such a cute sweater!

LaJune16 said...

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Drew said...

Lovely sweater! You did a really good job making it. Can't wait to see you outfit post with it!

magicswallow said...

nice sweater :) can't wait to see the whole look with it :)
and i watched your earlier looks and i'm amazed ! i'm in love with your style, really, really.
i'm following you and i'd be over the moon if you could follow me back.

Love, Magicswallow.

Abbie said...

WOW! you made that!? thats awesome!! very talented :D xx


beryl said...

love the way this came out! it'd look great layered over a floral maxi dress

xx, thefashionenthusiast1.blogspot.com

Marianela said...

love it! i love the tittle, i'm for "canary" island! :P


Lucy said...

What a fab little blog you have :)
I would love to give this DIY a whirl!

Lucy x

Carrie said...

You made this yourself?! I am seriously impressed :) It looks great!