Some poses (aka outfits) along the trip. That dog does a good pose, doesn't he. :) Me on the other hand tend to have this silly *frog* smile. :I
Most of the clothes, with few exception like the lemon and black peplum shirts I got from sales (HM Trend, 70% off!!!), are own creations. Well, except the yellow sleeveless dress I wore to my friends wedding, that's my mom's creation.


Marlyn Pena said...

Love that you create your own clothes! They are so well-made and cute! My mom is a pro at sewing... maybe I can get lessons from her one day! :P

Pretty Mess said...

love your top, looks great combined with the bag :D and yes you're right these shoes from weekday are too high, for having a long walk:D after 2 hours walking in these shoes, I wished I had Botox in my feets:D

Kristina Lennon said...

Fantastic photos and blog, I love the fact you make your own clothes, I wish I was that creative

Katie Frank said...

wow this is such lovely blog!
I love your style, this is awesome. would you like to follow each other?

Muki Mu Kats said...

really cute and nice poses!


Allison said...

So many great photos! Love getting great deals at sales! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!!

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A's Fashion Files
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Jessica said...

such fun pictures!! love the tank with the skirt!


Lily said...

You are totally rockin' the head scarf. I love it! I'm so glad you enjoyed my blog. I just posted a new look, you should definitely swing by and check it out!