Kane gingham

It's funny how sometimes you get influenced simultaneously by totally different channels. I ran into one editorial photo featuring Christopher Kane ss10 dress in some blogs I can't recall. And just before that I had found this skirt from HM Divided that really reminded me of the same collection.
So here I am influenced by Christopher Kane gingham patterns. (Not happy with my shoe/sock choice though.)
black&white dress worn as shirt from trip to Japan

shirt made by my mom at the 90's
Here's some pics of the the origin of the influences.
photos: www.style.com/Marcio Madeira

p.s. I might not be blogging for a week as I'm off to Greece next morning, I heard there's no internet connection in our hotel. Well, it's quite odd, but refreshing too, to live without net for a while.


Between Venus and Saturn said...

Sweet job, that grey blouse is pretty!!



jenni said...

Thank yous thank yous! :) I'm glad I "found" the shirt again.