basic black with a little spices

I found this Cheap Monday dress from the last weekends Fashion Stock Sale in a ridiculous cheap price. It's just a basic dress, but with a bit of detailing on front made of rows of bra hooks. I guess you could attach them together in different ways than just this basic way in these pics.
And another horse figure by titiMadam, this time smaller and in yellow. I was like a kid in a candy store trying to select the colors and figures from their offerings.
And here's one of my Etsy findings I've blogged about before, the charcoal grey origami top is by LaBronz.


WildFlower said...

That dress is such a great find! I can imagine it will be very versatile. I love how you use colour. I really want to take note of this!
Isn't Etsy amazing...man I find so much amazing stuff on there its almost becoming ridiculous!

rouli said...

amazin outfits!!!!!!!!!!

lovely pieces!!!!!!!!!!

ur earigs are so coooooooooool!

keep visitin:))