back from hiatus

My short hiatus from blogging wasn't really intended, my summer holiday just took me different places and happenings of which couple of them were pretty remote - with no electricity or fresh/running water, not to mention computers!
But I've done my best to get some new material to show here. :) Here's one of those - a super girlie flower dress (first for me!) I found from Gina Tricot. Perfect for summer - so easy!
 dress: Gina Tricot, bag: HM, sunglasses: Topshop

Here's a close-up with my friend's cat.


Wild Flower said...

Your holiday sounds fantastic! Great flower dress, always into blooms. Such a great breezy shape for summer I agree.

jenni said...

Thank you, holiday was pretty great! The shape of the dress reminds me of the dresses I had in the 90's.