back to the late 90's

Seems like a skirt or dress with trousers is back. At least if we believe Acne resort 2012 collection. Well, it does look fresh again, especially the way Acne's done it - stylish and simple with good materials (and not the way I remember it with stretchy tricot trousers and skirts...). Hmm, have to try this if I find a proper combo from the closet.
I like this first one the most.
Pics from Style.com, courtesy of Acne


Taghrid said...

the color story here is amazing. acne can do no wrong!!

Mia's Little Corner said...

Wow, this looks fabulous!! Especially like the first one!!:D

Thanks for your lovely comment:) Hope you're gonna stop by soon again:D


jenni said...

I'm really into these colors as well. Although it would never have came to my mind combining orange with bright blue, wine red and yellow! :)

Janet said...

I like the blue dress with trousers the most. Maybe it's something worth trying after all these years, with some different materials as you said. :) I really love to hear your comments about the new collections and to see how you modify the ideas to yourself.. Can't wait to see pictures from this style and what will be the next "pick" and from whom. :)