comfy as she goes

This must be the comfiest dress I have. It feels like wandering in my nightgown... Hmm, I hope I didn't look like that too. :) The colors are 'stolen' from last winter, dark blue and grey were was all over, but I guess one can wear them in summer too... Sorry, I'm really really tired and all I have in my mind is stupid thoughts.  
The scarf's probably the item I've wore the most this spring. It played the part of a jacket today as it was warmer for a change. 


dcresider said...

very nice!!

ediot said...

thanks for the paris tip. noted. ;) what a nice outfit girl, you look great
happy weekend

Valerie said...

hii there,

your blog is very cute, i am officially a follower, check out mine and follow too! i'm sure you will love = )


jenni said...

Thanks for the lovely comments!