I'm overwhelmed by joy for my relatives (from boyfriend's side :) ), they got a healthy baby girl and I would very much like to see her as soon as possible!
I'm going to London for work related trip the day after tomorrow, I'm so excited! But, it'll postpone seeing the newcomer... Haven't seen newborn baby in a while as most of my friends&relatives who have babies live in other cities. They're so tiny!
I need to get something for the baby from the trip, that is, if I have any time to do shopping from work.
And talking of which, another work outfit. The fabric of these pants is so soft, but it also crumples easily. The top is an old one I bought from NewYork, made of silk&metal (gold) fibre (not that the pics captured the gold that well). Wanted to test whether I'll start using it again, so this was a bit of a test drive. (btw, my facial express is in such a bad contrast to the joyous feelings, kinda funny.)

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Sam said...

LOVE your pants!