Outfit from last week. Still sick, but luckily this weekend we're at my parents', so we're both well taken care of. :) And I got three "new" skirts I found from mom's closet. Most of the fashion doesn't recycle fashion as exact pieces copied from certain era, but then again there are pieces like that. And so some second-hand and vintage pieces end up looking like they're new. Not that I mean vintage (or maybe what I mean is second-hand) should look like new or so, but couple of these skirts I found, look quite like just bought, I think.
shirt:Monki, shorts&tights:HM, cardigan:JC, brown&purse as belt:vintage, shoes:Vagabond


Michaela Scalisi said...

lovely outfit! I like the tights :)

rebecca said...

i love the shorts, they're the perfect fit