Here's a little sneak peek of one of my DIYs. Introducing one of the best stress-reliefs I know: knitting. :) This thing-y on its way has been my relief amongst all the work (and stressing of unfinished work) I've been doing lately. Plus the color of the yarn makes me happy, so it gives me kind of double joy.


Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit said...

Super! I'm a big knitting fan too ;)
I look forward to seeing how it turns out!

Amy said...

Ah! I just learned how to knit last year, you are much better than me though ;). And that yellow, what a gorgeous color!

xoxo Amy


Shelly said...

the color is perfect, it's going to be nice :) can't wait to see on you :))!!

Much Love from Thepeppymay

Natalie said...

Hi Jenni!

Your project looks gorgeous! I just started knitting over the winter and now I'm totally hooked. I agree it's a total stress reliever. It's such a nice way to unwind at the end of the day. xx Natalie

Marella said...

Seems to be amazing!