This is my morning survival package: home made smoothie. It's essential part of our daily routine, my man fixes us café lattes and I do this, here pictured before blender. Wanted to share this as I like how the mix looks on the can and as this smoothie makes my day every morning! Highly recommended! :)

For two portions you need:
2 bananas
1 (green) apple
1 small cup of strawberries (or mixed with blueberries)
about a half small cup of apple juice (1/2 deciliter)
about a half small cup of natural yoghurt (1/2 deciliter)
Fair portion of nuts& seeds in you liking, we use:
about 1 tablespoon (or a bit less) of pumpkin seeds
about 1 tablespoon (or a bit less) of cocoa bean nibs
about three hazelnuts
about three brazil nuts


Täti-ihminen said...

Ai mums!

fox hunter said...

This looks so myummie! Definitely have to check this recipe! :) x

Gabriele said...

OMG that looks sooo delish!!:)

perfect hippie said...


Natalie said...

This looks so yummy! I'm on a total smoothie kick so I'll totally try this out! My little one loves them too, thinks it's a treat but it's so great that you can make something delicious and healthy! Thanks for sharing! xx Natalie

Anonymous said...

YOWZA hun! Just looking at this smoothie is making me crave one like mad! haha. Excuse me know whilst I make the drudge walk home and whip myself up one haha.

PS, never thought to add nuts but defo trying this :P

Eeli xo

Le Chic World said...

WOWzers!!! this looks amazing! i just bought an amazing strong blender called Blendtech and know how good it feels to drink a whole lot of natural food from fruits, your smoothie choice looks delish!
What blender do your use?




Liesl said...

This looks delish and filed with so many yummy vitamins! Must try it! :)