DIY leather feather earrings

Made these a while ago and snapped some pics. I was hoping on creating a better post of these, but recent weeks have been crazy at work field, so girl's gotta use what girl has.
All you need is a piece of some leftover leather, earring hooks and scissors. And shape you want to create. I used pencil to draw the shape to the back of the leather, marker on front might show after cutting.


Mary Kapsi said...

How cool!
Love them
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Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

So original! Jenni, I completely understand you...work and travelling are crazy at the moment, but you always manage to be creative with your posts!


I didn't see them well, and at first sight I thought they were really feather! hahaha ... Nice DIY!!!

Fydez said...

Ooh, such a nice DIY!! So cool and I like it. X

Marta said...

Lovely post, your blog is really cool!! Nice sunnies! :)


kathy said...

amazing DIY!
these are so original :)