I have a confession to make: too much work makes a girl grave for some retail therapy. And, yes I did let myself loose. :) I had totally skipped the fact that HM Trend is finally sold in my hometown HM. Both the shirt & skirt are from the line. I have to say I adore almost every single piece now on stores, and always usually do from the line. Now it's especially good collection. Unfortunately some of the favorites didn't suit my body type, at all.
Playing with big balloons we took home from the wedding. I was planning on having more pics taken with those, but sadly workload has taken its toll and so the gas in the balloons has faded meanwhile.
Yeah, and wearing my new shoes too, finally. The outfit turned out pretty 50's (Prada inspired), didn't it.


Carmen said...

Hey dear :)
Thanks for your lovely comment! I really like your outfits and your blog so I´m following you now :)

Mary Kapsi said...

So amazing outfit! Following you on google and bloglovin follow back if you like

Joana said...

I remember when there was that collab of Sonia Rykiel with H&M and there was this striped dress I absolutely adored. I went to the store, I had the money, I found my size, I was all set. Then I tried the dress on and it was completely wrong for me, it simply didn't suit me right. Depressing for about a minute. We can always find something new to "love" in fashion.

I really like your shirt :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh my! I love this look! That skirt is amazing :)


Joana said...

Thank you, my dear, for wishing me well with the internship ordeal :)

Catita said...

lovely 50's inspired outfit and yes H&M trend is great!!


Diana said...

thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I like your blog, I like your style, everything is fine!

Buzz said...

So lovely*

Thx for stoppin by. wanna follow each other?


l'artichaut said...

Oh, I adore H&M Trend, too! They have such wonderful pieces!
Thank you for stopping by sweetie!

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Estefanía J. said...

ABSOlutely cute outfit dear!!! :) And you’ve got a gorgeous blog too!!!
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Estefanía J. ABSOstyle

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Love this playful look and I completely understand your retail therapy...I would do the same if H&M would grace us with its Trend line in BRussels...Personally, I go to COS and it still stays in the H&M family!

Muki Mu Kats said...

sweetie u look great in this skirt! and the shirt colours are..yay!

Steph C. said...

Oh wow. i love this! you look adorable!
the periwinkle blue tights + silver brogues are amaaazing :)
Ginger and Lace

Chococcuro said...

Your style is so unique!


Birgit said...

Pretty skirt! love it!

Rakel said...

Great post!

Would you follow each other? let me know on my blog ;)


Buzz said...

Love the blouse!

Thx for your comment.