cave woman?

As the temperature hasn't risen as I wished, on the contrary we have a bit of a set back with the spring in my opinion, these pictures of a cave woman in extremely warm clothing seem to be appropriate still amongst all the spring waiting hype. 

I must say I like my lamb skin vest a lot. But in this combination with that long jersey it just turns the feeling of the whole outfit into a bit of a cave woman clothing. Or in a positive way - nomad clothing. :) I like it anyways!

And in an addition I must say, that the west is made by my mom of a sheep which lived a long life in a farm in the southern archipelago and was fully used to different products after it was killed. I like fake fur and second-hand furs (I think in this coldness that we've had, fur is the best way to stay warm and it's reasonable to use the furs that already exist), but I'm against new furs made of foxes etc.

boots: Gixus, fake leather jacket: HM, jersey: Gina Tricot, separate sleeves: from a trip to Japan, scarf: self-made


anni said...

mahtavat saappaat! ja liivi!

jenni said...

Kiitos!!! :)