one redheaded lady

Went to this lovely lady's concert. It was the start of her new tour and as she said herself the concert/tour was something she hadn't done before - it was almost like a classical concert, four bowed string instruments (and of course their players), two pianos and one woman! One third of the time she played both of the pianos at the same time! I can highly recommend and I hope I didn't spoil you anything, if you're a fan& interested. The only side effect of the concert (besides the amazing experience) is that I catch another flu, partly due to lack of sleep.
But yeah, style-wise I find her public image amazing, like the clothes she wears on her albums/photoshoots! And the pink silk gown she wore in yesterday's performance captured the colored lights beautifully changing the appearance of the dress. But of course the main thing is that she's amazing performer and artist! Still, look at those clothes and how she wears them, such graze!
(I could take any of these, fave is the leather pants&white silk dress)
Photos of her website

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