after the happy holidays!

This year I and my boyfriend took responsibility for arranging the family christmas for the first time! It was a lot more work than we imagined (and now have a lot more respect and understanding for our parents), but it was also extremely rewarding in so many ways! It was such a joy to see everyone enjoying their time and to be able to give that to them. I was also anxious on having my own christmas tree for the first time (parents live in another town so there hasn't been sense on having one at our place). But that's how last couple of weeks have passed by...
As I also wanted to do all the decorations and not buy any... I started knitting christmas tree decoration balls by a norwegian model by Arne&Carlos, but until the final week prior I had only 6 ready ones... So I decided to buy this light decoration by la case de cousin paul (they have a lot of beautiful colorful choices, but I went with the christmas-y white ones. I need to get some colorful ones for everyday decoration). We bought a real tree from a market close-by, it has really nice natural smell to it.
But the great idea of skipping the decoration with the light decoration balls didn't turn out quite the way I had imagined it, so I started sewing in the very last minute these fabric hearts and other figures.
I was happy with the final result. In the pic behind the tree is also our new christmas curtains which I sew midst all the hurry (crazy me), fabric's by Marimekko.
Hope the ones that celebrate Christmas had a fun and relaxing holidays!

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Teddi said...

those turned out wonderfully!