This necklace use to belong to my grandma. My mom gave it to me when we were sorting out grandma's estate. I also got loads of clothes I thought could be in good use in the future. We'll see, I need to sort out those first and figure out some outfits which wouldn't end up too-granny-like. :) I have a bit to work to do with my wardrobe as I also found some "new" pieces from my mom's...
The bright red-orange-y blazer's relatively new, got it from HM. The fabric's really smooth and soft. The jeans are DIY bleached. Twice actually. The first time didn't come out quite right (originally these jeans were dark grey), but I think the second time created this ok marble effect.
necklace: old Kalevala jewelry, bracelet: Kalevala jewelry, HM blazer, Monki shirt, DIY jeans, Office boots


Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit said...

I love the shirt and blazer together, they're a perfect match. And the bleached jeans look v professional!

WOLF359 said...

I love this look! Red is a very tricky colour with many skincolours, but it looks just fabulous on you!
The necklace is really special, especially because it has been your grandmothers. Pretty!


Teddi said...

your jeans turned out amazing! :) i dig your outfit jenni, & have a happy new year.