spring? and the winter hasn't even arrived yet

Usually I'm always excited of the next season and wan't to get early start, sneak-peaks and everything, but now it feels just too early to start thinking about spring trends and clothes as this year the winter's really late and hasn't actually even started. I enjoy all the season we have, I love seeing how the nature changes and how one has to dress according to the weather :). I live in a country with four very clear seasons. But not this year. Last winter was extremely cold and there was a lot of snow and this year it's really warm and grass is still green, why couldn't it be something in between (but with a lot of snow instead of water-y snow we tend to now have)? I'd like to enjoy the heavy winter knits and all. (what a rant, sorry).
But to the point: here's some fw2011-12 trend pics I liked and picked up, but never posted: Turtlenecks
 Isabel Marant (I'd like to wander around in a sweater like that)
Celine (look at that layering!)

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WOLF359 said...

I don't really like snow, but to have no snow at all this year isn't nice either. I hope some will fall in january!