Wearing HM Trend dress as a shirt, vintage leather skirt from Weekday

Some might have notice that I'm really into wearing color. :) But this doesn't exclude the fact that I admire people who can pull off all-black outfits on a daily base, a lot. It's just that I'm really into colors. :) Something might have to do with my profession, in which people tend to wear only (and I really mean only) black. Especially the older generation of colleagues knows only light beige on top black. So during my studies I involved this habit of not adapting to the well-known uniform of all-black (aka wanted to be different. Don't we all?).
And there's another "but". Whenever I attend any of those more official happenings for my profession I tend to wear more black than usually. And so I'm adapting to the "uniform", blending amongst colleagues and not popping from the crowd with my bright red-pink-blue-younameit-ansembles.
Here's one of those "uniforms", feeling safe. :) I did have to wear something that was a bit more "rock", this time it was leather skirt. Don't really know what those older colleagues (men in black) thought of that.


Teddi said...

i can't you see you blending in that outfit. i think it's cool. to me, the puffed sleeves scream style & individuality.

maiú said...

Well you must have looked so stylish in that sea of black! I love your look, vintage leather skirts are so cool!


Laura said...

I love the tights! Such a good outfit.

little moon lover said...

I think you look awesome.. I tend to wear mostly black all the time.. but as you.. I wake-up some other days and dive in colors, especially neons... depends on my mood... no wonder I'm always wearing black ha.. cool sleeves!

Nina said...

like your outfit:)