blouse:old, knit: vintage, skirt: COS, shoes: Bronx

First outfit of the year (apart from the one I wore to the New Year's, haha), another experiment. Combining different shades of white is something that's stuck in my head since fw 2010 runways... And not to be too fast, it apparently finally came into realization at the first morning after my vacation, going through piles of clothes, eyes all puffy, my mind not willing to wake up and being reluctant to start the work&routines again. (the colors are right at the close-ups, for some annoying reason the first ones went all green, plah).


Laura said...

This outfit is stunning. I love the detrails in the socks- or tights? i love white too, i just never wear it!

Angie said...

i didn't even notice your cool socks/tights before! again, i just love the colour of your skirt and the shape. thanks for following hon, i'm returning the favour :)

maiú said...

This look is great, I already told you on chictopia. New follower!!If you want you can follow back! :)


Six Six Sick said...

What a cute look! Happy New Year!

whatisfashion said...

I love all your looks!! amazing!!!
please, take a look to my photographic work and follow me if you like it :)

Joanna S. said...

beautiful look ! the knit looks awesome with white shirt :)
amazing skirt ! :)

Marzena said...

Really love this outfit ! That skirt and amazing socks stunning ! Maybe You Want to follow each other ? :)
Kiss x


Astrid Anna said...

This collar is so so so cool!!!

Kimberly Capeto said...

Hey !
Your skirt is so cute ! I just love that color :)


head and heels said...

i love this outfit! you look amazing! i adore the skirt - really should get myself a similar one. ;)

xx mika