This shirt is new in. I love how air-light the fabric is and the batwing sleeves too. Got it from the sales (Selected Femme) and I've worn it already several times. With skirts and also as favorite just plain black jeans (which are unfortunately bad quality, after wash those are good for one wear and then they get all loose. Suggestions for good black skinny jeans?!).
Wearing also my favorite Marimekko cardigan. The only thing why I don't wear it more often are the (lovely) wide sleeves - they don't fit inside most of my coats.


Squared said...

Your shirt is beautiful!
I'm also loving the colored pants!
come by and if you like our blog let's follow each other :D


Victoria said...

with some mades I think is better to buy a size smaller because after wearing them and washing some skinny jeans they tend to look all lose :) I love this combo is something I will like to give it a try, to buy some jeans in colour :)

head and heels said...
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head and heels said...

love the blue jeans! i should really think about getting myself a colored pair too!

xx mika


lhantse said...

Oh my.... That top looks amazing. Thank you for visiting my blog. Let me know if you want to follow