Outfit I wore to the Marni hunt of mine, minus the scarf of course, which is of the collection.

I guess everyone has their perfect shopping outfit, but here's my (not so serious) tips for most functional outfit for those serious shopping sprees, like mine to HM for Marni hunt. :) Outfit worked perfectly, maybe my sweater was a bit too hot.

Here goes:
1. Use a buttoned shirt so you don't have to pull shirt over your head constantly, which doesn't really improve you hairdo.
2. If you have a shirt with snap fasteners, even better. They're quick to open and close. (the bottom should of course be easy to fasten too)
3. And of hair issues, fasten you hair somehow too. Reasons are same as in #1 (greasy, electric hair, not the best of looks).
4. Wear something with (black) tights (if it's a colder climate, that is). So much better to evaluate whether a skirt or a dress is good. The only problem that this causes is dealing with skinny jeans... quite frustrating to try skinny jeans over tights...
4b. if you're hard-core/know what kind of color/tone you're looking for: wear tights that go (or clash in a good way) with that color-world you have in mind.
5. Most obvious: wear comfy shoes. If you are to wander the shops you'll be on your feet all the time.


Anonymous said...

lovely outfit!


Jodi said...

love that headscarf!

you're so cute


Nicole said...

So sweet, love it!

Victoria said...

These are great tips ;) love the colours in her the burgundy tights are really cute :)

Georgia Giraffina said...

Super cute!
See you again soon,
Flower Show

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Love this outfit and the scarf is the perfect accessory! Thank you for these tips! I always go for a dress or skirt when I'm going on a special shopping mission...

paajonk ♥ said...

Ceautiful pics!

euphoricfashion said...

You look so adorable! Very stylish, trendy, comfortable and cozy! Love it :) I love the colors :) I am now following you!! Come check out the progress of my vegan shoe line and my euphoric styles :) xoxo MUMU


Vibeke said...

Love your shirt, lokking for one in the same colour shade :)