Burberry Prorsum
Topshop Unique
No 21
McQ (to the left), Nicola Farhi (to the right)
(all pics from www.style.com)
You might have noticed I'm into colors, so it's very natural for me to spot color-themes from the catwalks. One of which in my opinion was olive green popping up here and there. A few years back (2010?) army-green was hot, is it time for it to return? Or is this something you would call army-green? Most of the clothes don't give out army feeling though.
Which are your faves? The Acne dress does it for me, so does Topshop Unique-the whole collection... Come to think of it, I'd take any of these. :)


Put your heels up said...

Nice selection, I like this color!
It's difficult to find a fav... maybe the Topshop pants!

Put your heels up

Emma-Lou said...

Love Olive!

Anonymous said...

love the first outfit.

with love,

Sootjeelina said...

I love the Gucci items! Great colour for fall too, olive really suits that season

xoxo Sootjeelina <3

Lena - MyBlondeJournal said...

Think I'll avoid the color as much as possible..I just don't really like it, it makes me look like a corpse! ;)

But on the runway it look nice..even though the color itself just doesn't do it for me.
Really like how Burberry splashes in a few brighter colors, though.