jeans:HM, sweater:HM Trend, blouse:Weekday, boots, Vagabond
Introducing my new (and favorite) skinny jeans! :) Found from HM. Been wearing a lot of these and I can say the shape stays and all the other praises one can have for somewhat perfect skinny jeans. Yeah and the blouse is in a post for the first time too! Found it from Weekday. And (!) new nail-polish too! Now some very much needed sleep!


Emma-Lou said...

Really cute outfit! Love your style, you look great :) x

Anonymous said...

like it!


Magnet said...

I have a pair of black skinny jeans, they're by cheap monday and they look shocking on me :( I really like how you've worn them though, the stylish is great and this whole outfit looks lovely.

Living Mannequin said...

Those are the most amazing boots! Love how you paired them with a dainty pink top!

-Living Mannequin


Dear Girl Wallflower said...

loved how you styled the jeans with the top, and curious of the cute brooch! im giving you a follow:)

Nora said...

I love your outfit!


Lena said...