a purchase from Paris

You know the feeling when you know you've found something you've been searching for a long time and have to make the decision to buy it in a couple of minutes? At the same time you're excited, but a bit frightened, especially if it's about a bigger purchase. 

As I said, I didn't buy that much from Paris, except for these eyeglasses and in a really extempore situation! We were wandering the streets of Marais and found this amazing eyeglasses shop, that had just the glasses in the window I've been searching for. I had to go and try them on, and I think, I hope, they suit me. So I ended up buying them. They're now in an optician to have the glasses put on them and I'll get them in a couple of weeks. So excited, but scared too. Eyeglasses affect quite a bit to how you look.

If someone's looking for a new pair for eyeglasses, I can definitely recommend Paris! So many nice little shops that have really interesting glasses.

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